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Any plans for the Elric setting?

posted Sep 11, 2011 18:43:37 by Master_ofReality
First, I want to say that my gaming group is really looking forward to RuneQuest 6. You guys did such a good job on the MRQ2 core book, but some members of my group get the impression that the core book was rushed. Now that you guys have complete artistic control over RuneQuest 6, we're sure it will be a vast improvement over what is already a great set of rules.
Our main setting is the world of Elric. It's the one setting that all of us can enjoy, and is a particular favorite of our current GM. You guys did great job on the MRQ2 Elric supplements. Any plans for more Elric stuff?
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lawrence.whitaker said Sep 11, 2011 20:27:49
Unfortunately not. Mongoose holds that license.
Master_ofReality said Sep 12, 2011 17:14:25
I was afraid of that. I imagine, though, that adapting the MRQ2 Elric stuff to the RuneQuest 6 system won't be a big deal.
Mankcam said Sep 14, 2011 10:44:51
Its a great setting, but its done to death with Chaosium and Mongoose. Fresh pastures beckon!
Master_ofReality said Sep 14, 2011 20:18:08
In terms of what's been published for MRQ2, the core book, Cults of the Young Kingdom, and Cities of the Young Kingdoms, IMO there's room for expansion, but yes, Chaosium has published a lot of Elric stuff and Mongoose will continue to publish Elric supplements. The GM in my gaming group recently purchased a lot of these Chaosium supplements, including one written by Loz entitled "The Unknown East: Heart of an Ancient Empire". Considering how close the RuneQuest 6 system will presumably be to the MRQ2 system, I don't think republishing the MRQ2 Elric stuff in RQ 6 form is necessary, but I do think it would be great to see more Elric material from the guys who brought us the MRQ2 Elric supplements. On the other hand, I can understand the desire for new settings. I should point out, though, that a lot of Glorantha material has also been published, but that's not stopping Pete and Loz from publishing more of it. Fortunately, I like Glorantha, but convincing my gaming group to use this setting will involve taking over the duties of game master.
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Mankcam said Sep 15, 2011 11:04:58
Personally I think there is much more mileage in Glorantha than there is in The Young Kingdoms. Despite that, the world of Elric is still a great sword n sorcery setting, one of the most iconic, and I can see why it is loved by many.

I think that if Mongoose hold the rights for Young Kingdoms then I'ld be happy to purchase Elric stuff for use with the RQ2/Legend system.

I think the Design Mechanism should stick with Mythic Earth and Glorantha, just to have a niche.

Horses for courses, as they say, it's all good for us!
Akrasia said Oct 04, 2011 07:25:54
Mongoose will continue to publish Elric supplements

Does Mongoose have any concrete plans for doing so? That is, have they announced any future products for the line? Do they have any competent authors to write such supplements?
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Mankcam said Oct 04, 2011 10:29:09
Good point. Mongoose have lost two of their most prolific writers, so only time will tell.

If Mongoose or Chaosium don't continue with the Elric line, I could certainly see reason for The Design Mechanism to pick up where they left off from.
lawrence.whitaker said Oct 04, 2011 11:22:39
Does Mongoose have any concrete plans for doing so? That is, have they announced any future products for the line? Do they have any competent authors to write such supplements?

John White, who is an avid Moorcockian scholar, is currently writing a pair of Elric books for Mongoose, so there's certainly material in the works (and by a good author, too). John's on these boards, so he may chip-in with info on what the books are about.
Akrasia said Oct 04, 2011 16:21:04
Thanks for that news, Loz. Good to hear the line isn't dead.
Master_ofReality said Oct 04, 2011 17:46:26
The release schedule posted on Planet Mongoose listed the following:

"May: Secrets of the Steppe (a new sourcebook for Elric, exploring a vast wilderness)"

"June: Talons of Winter (a true sandbox campaign for Elric, designed to be used alongside Secrets of the Steppe)"

Are these the books John White is writing?

I didn't see any other Elric releases listed, but it's good to know that Elric material that's useable with RuneQuest 6 will continue to be published in the foreseeable future.
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JohnWhite said Sep 02, 2012 12:20:47
These were indeed the two RPG books I have written for Mongoose.They owe a great deal to the hard work put into this setting by Richard Watts and Loz. Hopefully more might get commissioned, though there are other RPG settings that I am am currently writing or pitching for.
JohnWhite said Dec 08, 2012 10:24:42
Secrets of the Steppes came out earlier this year and Talons of Winter is currently listed as having a February 2013 release.The two are closely connected and the sand box campaign in ToW will work much better if Secrets is available to the GM. The original pitch was for a single volume but the current Legend format necessitated having to divide the work into two books.

I'm not sure that The Young Kingdoms is 'done to death'. Several new works by MM have yet to be incorporated into published RPG material and, to date, no source books from any publisher have ever covered or mapped in detail the YKs Western and Southern Continents.
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