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RuneQuest Availability

posted Jun 02, 2012 12:42:57 by lawrence.whitaker
RuneQuest will be 456 pages, soft cover, black and white interior, colour cover.

Price is $62.00 (£40, €50). There will be a discount for pre-orders, which we hope to begin very soon.

You will be able to order RQ directly from us via the Products page of the Design Mechanism website.

Shipping within the US and Canada will be $10. International orders $15.

We will be distributing to the retail trade via our fulfilment and distribution partner, Alliance. This means RQ will find its way into game stores across the world.

RQ will be available as a bookmarked PDF close to the release date of the hard copy. If you buy the hard copy directly from us, you'll get the PDF free of charge. If you decide to order the PDF singly, it will cost $25. It will be available through DrivethruRPG and the other One Book Shelf sites.

I cannot give a precise date for publication, but it should be no later than mid-July and, hopefully, a little earlier. We will open pre-orders the minute the production files are in the hands of the printer. It usually takes about three weeks for production, so factor-in a fourth for transit to our warehouse.

We will be releasing a free PDF, available here and on Drivethru, for Games Masters. This will contain all the major charts and tables, a two page character sheet, a combat tracking sheet and an introductory scenario called 'Meeros Falling'. This scenario uses the setting found throughout the examples found in the rules and is a mixture of investigation, intrigue and combat. It directly continues 'Anathaym's Saga' as found throughout RQ6.

So, more information to come, but I'm pleased to say that RQ6 is nearly with us. Stay tuned for more details regarding release date and pre-orders.
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barry said Jun 04, 2012 01:12:58
Awesome - say the word and my pound / dollars are yours!

And don't listen to all the whiners on the other thread

Big is good, the pricing is fine - if they don't like it , don't buy it - and $25 for PDF gives access to all - and lets face it, I would expect the PDF sales to much outstrip the dead tree copies!

Out the door to the Haters and big Ups to the Authors!
Pittel said Jun 05, 2012 06:58:59

I really dont understand the problem here. Even Dungeons & Dragons 4 cost 48,52 € at Amazon, 3 book are better than one... I doubt it. However, I cannot believe that the D&D rules are complete with this 3 books.

The One Ring costs 47,65€
Dark Heresy 42,20€
Das Schwarze Auge - Basic Set! 99€ (the german top-seller)
even german Traveller is 44,95€ (NOT the f+++ing Mongoose version! the REAL book)
Rolemaster (complete)... maybe 200+ €

so what?!

All guys who say they can make a high quality (complete!) roleplaying core rulebook cheaper as 50€... come on, I ll buy your stuff...
PoopKorma said Jun 05, 2012 08:07:03
hey pittel, you should post that on the thread! It puts things nicely in perspective.
Pittel said Jun 05, 2012 08:28:23
I did...
PoopKorma said Jun 05, 2012 12:54:13
I saw ;)
EricHaste said Jun 07, 2012 01:30:49
Since it looks like the website store is being created, it is time to make sacrifice to the printing gods for a good print run.

OK wave the credit card over the bonfire while the professional wailers do their wailing.
Bring the white sheep and black ram for the offering.
Call apon the gods of good grammer to chase away the curse spirits of misprints!
What do you mean apon is spelleD wrongg?!?

Damn looks lik they got meeee!

Forgett shepp go for OXenn................

Edgar said Jun 07, 2012 02:24:42
Will there be any lag time in distribution through Alliance, or will I be able to pre-order through my FLGS?
lawrence.whitaker said Jun 07, 2012 18:03:11
Will there be any lag time in distribution through Alliance, or will I be able to pre-order through my FLGS?

There will be some lag-time. Distributors typically need 3 months to get a product promoted to all their retailers although this can be speeded-up (and I'm talking to our Account Manager about how to do this). I think that if you go into your FLGS and ask them to order you a copy, they'll do so and it won't cause too many headaches. The lag-time is associated with bundling required, general stock into a shop's usual order/restock inventory.
BrokenSerenity said Jun 20, 2012 21:57:34
Have pre orders begun yet? or have i missed that window already? i only just noticed you had a storefront on the site earlier and realyl want to pre order a copy now rather than wait for the stores near me to get it in stock.
lawrence.whitaker said Jun 20, 2012 22:03:03
No, they haven't begun yet, but its very close. We hope to have files on their way to the printers in the next few days, and then we'll commence with pre-orders.

The Store Front is there for testing purposes by potential e-commerce partners who need to see a live, working shop-front. However it will VERY likely change because we have a different way of pre-order handling.

I will be posting announcements as soon as we can!
BrokenSerenity said Jun 20, 2012 23:17:33
Cool i look forward to being able to place my order as soon as its available then :)
Vile said Jul 07, 2012 02:34:07
I buy almost no RPG books these days and when I do it's usually PDF. However, I've just pre-ordered the softback/PDF package from the Moon Design store. I might have balked at the price when I were a lad (in fact I did, when RQ3 first came out), but I've had a couple of pay rises since then. Looking forward to getting the dead tree, in the meantime I'll work my way through the PDF (even with the funny "s"es!).

Thanks, chaps!
trystero said Jul 12, 2012 00:36:59
Amusingly, £40 is what I paid for Avalon Hill's RQ3 box set back in 1984 (it was $40 in the USA, but importing put the cost well up). Given the depreciation of currency since then, I think £40 is quite an excellent price for the full RQ6 rule set.
Jenn said Jul 17, 2012 00:47:13
Any idea when the dead tree version should ship?
lawrence.whitaker said Jul 17, 2012 02:15:02
End of the month.
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