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RuneQuest Availability

posted Jun 02, 2012 12:42:57 by lawrence.whitaker
RuneQuest will be 456 pages, soft cover, black and white interior, colour cover.

Price is $62.00 (£40, €50). There will be a discount for pre-orders, which we hope to begin very soon.

You will be able to order RQ directly from us via the Products page of the Design Mechanism website.

Shipping within the US and Canada will be $10. International orders $15.

We will be distributing to the retail trade via our fulfilment and distribution partner, Alliance. This means RQ will find its way into game stores across the world.

RQ will be available as a bookmarked PDF close to the release date of the hard copy. If you buy the hard copy directly from us, you'll get the PDF free of charge. If you decide to order the PDF singly, it will cost $25. It will be available through DrivethruRPG and the other One Book Shelf sites.

I cannot give a precise date for publication, but it should be no later than mid-July and, hopefully, a little earlier. We will open pre-orders the minute the production files are in the hands of the printer. It usually takes about three weeks for production, so factor-in a fourth for transit to our warehouse.

We will be releasing a free PDF, available here and on Drivethru, for Games Masters. This will contain all the major charts and tables, a two page character sheet, a combat tracking sheet and an introductory scenario called 'Meeros Falling'. This scenario uses the setting found throughout the examples found in the rules and is a mixture of investigation, intrigue and combat. It directly continues 'Anathaym's Saga' as found throughout RQ6.

So, more information to come, but I'm pleased to say that RQ6 is nearly with us. Stay tuned for more details regarding release date and pre-orders.
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BruceMason said Aug 09, 2012 19:12:47
Got mine today. The satinised cover is great and it looks great to just flip through. The layout looks good on PDF but even better on paper. Happy days.
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