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Gloranthan Classics?

posted Aug 08, 2012 05:52:23 by Skoll

The Gloranthan Classics releases by Moon Design claim to be compatible with RQ6. Does anybody know what does it mean exactly? For example, have the NPC's and monsters been updated to take into account the changes in magic?
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Pittel said Aug 08, 2012 06:14:47
Stats are for RQ-2 (the Chaosium´s). Skills, Combat, HP, MP, Hit-Locations etc should be compatible 90%.

Magic spells and system I cannot say excactly, because I m not so deep with RQ6 magic right now. However, Cults and stuff need a small conversation nevertheless, so you should use it maybe 85%...

I can recommend these books!
Skoll said Aug 08, 2012 06:34:25
Thanks. Figured as much.
WoeRie said Aug 08, 2012 18:42:06
Yes, I think 99% of the conversion work has to be done for Magic. The rest is quite usable as is, but the magic totally differs, so I assume the Cult Compendium can only be used to get ideas for your own Cult writeups (of course only on ruleswise).

I converted my old River of Cradles (RQ3) book to MRQ2. Of course I also tried to convert it further to RQ6 but I gave up and decided to continue with MRQ2 as it is quite a lot of work to make the Magic of RQ6 feel "Gloranthan".

I will wait for the promised RQ6 Glorantha book (in 2013 or 2014?) ;)
X said Aug 16, 2012 16:19:35
Hi, WoeRie,

Would you be interested in sharing your MrQ2 on River of Cradles? :-)
WoeRie said Aug 25, 2012 23:47:40
Sorry, I was on holiday... yes, of course.
I can create a ZIP for you contining the Excel sheets and PDFs of the converted monsters.
I have not converted any cults or character creation rules, only the monsters of the campaign.
X said Aug 26, 2012 18:49:32
That would be nice! ;-)
WoeRie said Aug 27, 2012 06:58:51
Please tell me after you have downloaded it!
JosephWolf said Aug 27, 2012 18:57:36
I noticed the fine folks at Design Mechanism have not only acquired a lot of the old Mongoose RQ material and made it available for sale on and but many of these fine tomes are priced at $1.00.

Thanks for this guys!

Now in regards to the upcoming Glorantha RQ6 book due out late this year, will the scope be pretty huge and include some of the older Mongoose material or will it be more of an overview. For my money, I'd prefer an enormous tome loaded with different eras of Glorantha lore but that's me.
WoeRie said Aug 27, 2012 20:09:38
I doubt that there will be a RQ6 Glorantha book this year. As I heard it is scheduled for late 2013 (or 2014).
VaughanCockell said Aug 27, 2012 21:35:34
The upcoming book referred to is Gloranthan but is not specifically RQ6. It is being written for Heroquest but as that system is an extremely "narrative" it is effectively pure setting material.

The book, as I understand, is the most comprehensive guide to the setting of Glorantha that has ever been produced. Moon Design is the place to ask questions about this Magnum Opus. It is due in November/December this year, and is on my Christmas List!
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RudyBoe said Aug 29, 2012 14:14:51
lawrence.whitaker said Aug 31, 2012 23:46:52
I've seen the large-scale maps of Kethaela and Dragon Pass. The Guide is going to be very special indeed.
X said Sep 05, 2012 18:21:30
WoeRie: Thanks a lot for that! It is really detailed. I wonder if you have it all printed out or refer to it with a laptop during play. How is the campaign going, BTW? I enjoyed it very much when I ran it years ago. I think River of Cradles is one of the best supplements for RuneQuest.
WoeRie said Sep 05, 2012 19:37:31
Yes, I printed it out for the sessions I used it. But you see that my monsters spread sheet is generic, so I can add any form of RQ monster and represent it in either an extended view or as a list of multiple identical monsters. Though it took some time it was a great help for this campaign (and it was only the first one with RQ3 to MRQ2).

The player have more or less finsihed "River of Cradles" in the last session, but the final opponent (don't want to spoiler too much here) was quite hard and went on for a total of 16 rounds!
I (as the GM) loved it, and I think my players loved it, too. So, let's see what they will do next... Pavis is full of adventures, maybe I will start with either "Borderlands & Beyond" (RQ2), "Shadows on the Borderland" (RQ3) or "Big Rubble" (RQ2). Later after they are a bit more expirenced I will start "The Cradle" campaign from the Pavis & Big Rubble RQ2 book (sofar my plan, but we will see ;))

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lawrence.whitaker said Sep 06, 2012 22:53:38
Concerning our plans for Glorantha.

Its clear people want us to do something. It was the question most asked of me at Gencon, and so we are accelerating our plans a little (a LITTLE, I hasten to add). The likelihood of Gloranthan publications will be something like this:

RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha (yes, it steals, shamelessly, the title of the never-published RQIV, but it has to be done). This will be a general introduction to the lozenge plus all the rules tweaks and chargen tweaks needed to play in Glorantha. And it will be 3rd Age.

Stat Packs: Probably free PDFs to accompany Moon Design's releases such as Sartar, Pavis and Harrek. Before we can release these, we need RQ:AiG.

Setting: We'll be taking a region of Glorantha and developing the bejesus out of it. Yes, we know which area. Its all agreed with Moon Design and its one Pete and I love to bits.

Scenarios: To support the Setting. Additional scenarios, expansions, and so on. Some will be free PDFs, some will be full books.

With the setting we want to recreate that RQ2 'Borderlands' or 'Pavis' feel: s place that RQ Glorantha players feel is theirs, and detailed enough to capture the imagination, but not so detailed as to deter newcomers. Which is why the region we've been given is so perfect and exciting.

I won't say more than the above until we're in a position to offer some more concrete details. But this gives you an idea of what we have planned.
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