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Gloranthan Classics?

posted Aug 08, 2012 05:52:23 by Skoll

The Gloranthan Classics releases by Moon Design claim to be compatible with RQ6. Does anybody know what does it mean exactly? For example, have the NPC's and monsters been updated to take into account the changes in magic?
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VaughanCockell said Sep 09, 2012 00:02:18
Alright, we'll be good and stop fishing, won't we guys? :-)
Let Pete and Loz announce it in their own way and time.
RudyBoe said Sep 10, 2012 14:49:06
Some good fishing there though :) Looking forward to the big fat fish!
imigychrys1985 said Sep 17, 2012 03:59:11
I am waiting for RQ6 Glorantha book too.Hope soon.
imigychrys1985 said Sep 19, 2012 05:30:35
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DavidCake said Sep 19, 2012 06:36:10
I think it should be clear to anyone who has read my posts that for me, the new Adventures in Glorantha can't come soon enough. Thrilled to hear it has moved up the priority list a little. Anything I can do to help it come faster, please ask!

I'm pretty pleased that it is going to be Third Age based too. Lunars!

Obligatory fishing - so, not the West (ruling out Seshnela and Fronela), not Kethaela, not an area Moon Design is intending to develop/redevelop (which rules out Sartar and Prax at least). I doubt Kralorela or the East Isles, which would be surprising choices given they are out of the Gloranthan mainstream so much (though both would be cool). And an area that Loz and Pete love (does that rule out Jrustela? neither worked on the Jrustela book). I'd personally LOVE this to be Peloria/Dara Happa, which is clearly an area Loz at least loves, but I doubt that Moon Design have no plans for it? Ummm.... I'm down to like, Fonrit or somewhere else Pamaltelan?

Jarulf said Sep 22, 2012 08:02:40
Balazar and the Elder Wilds perhaps? Close to Sartar and Pavis/Prax which make books from Moon Design useful as well. Return to Griffin Mountain!
Armak said Sep 23, 2012 19:25:33
But isn't it really obvious. We are going to see Trollpak and the cult writeup story will be on Kyger Litor. What is a version of a Glorantha product w/o KL.

The other choice would be to join the anti Sartar liberation movement with all sorts of Lunar thingies :-(

Enemy cults would be actually really welcome (starting with my favorite Thanatar).

Faroff shot would be Dorastor, shudder.

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