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Editable Character Sheet?

posted Aug 18, 2012 20:26:35 by VaughanCockell
Hi. There was a stated intention of producing an editable pdf of the character sheet back when the pdf of the game came out. Is this still the case, and how is the production of this going?
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sdavies2720 said Aug 19, 2012 15:12:15
I always read that as "edible," which gives this a very different meaning.
JasonMorris said Aug 19, 2012 22:53:05
I started plugging away at building a fillable pdf with acrobat pro.
It's more work than I expected, as once you get a hundred or so text fields in the document things really start to slow down.

I got all the fields in for the first page. The second should go a bit quicker. (maybe tonight)
Getting them to all tab correctly will be another fun task.

If I ever get it to a presentable state, I will hand it off the the design mechanism guys and they can decide if they want to post it. Or I can post it. whatever is best for people.
VaughanCockell said Aug 20, 2012 02:48:32
Well done mate. Take your time with it. I would say pass it to the guys here to make it official if possible.

Can you make it so that you can save and change content in the fields later? The Earthdawn sheet does that and it means someone can keep and update a Sheet on file, printing out new sheets when necessary for use in game? The D&D equivalents have it set so once you've entered the data you print and that's it, nothing can be saved.
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NeilFong said Aug 20, 2012 08:20:15
Sounds good, great community this is!
RudyBoe said Aug 20, 2012 19:50:40
Excellent, I was looking at that, hoping that someone else would do it, since I do ont have acrobat pro. We went ahead and tried in Write or Calc, but without much success. It looks like a herculean task indeed :)

Really looking forward to a version that allows saving, and thus keeping your sheets online...
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 21, 2012 01:21:24
Here's something I've come up with

Order of entry

1) Culture, Career, and Age are vital to skill assignments. Do these first.
2) Fill in the "Original Characteristics" (Current will automatically appear). Don't change the Originals when you need to augment or diminish a characteristic due to spells or somesuch. In these cases, change "Current". All attributes and skills will update on the fly.
3) Go down to pg 3. Under the Culture/Career/Bonus point counters may be a "Click 1 skill from each" combo box (depending on your culture). Pick to open up skill-point-add options.
4) Assign skill points. Anything with a zero you can add to depending on your culture and career. I left bonus skill points wide open to allow for any houserules - otherwise only assign bonus points to advanced skills that you've added points to previously. I also left out verification for skill point assignments to be between 5 and 15. Again, houserules may change these values and the math was really slowing down an already slow pdf.
5) Once all your skill points are at 0, go back to pg 1 and have a look. There is a "Difficulty" combo box, try it out!
6) Any magic is done on pg 2.

This is a beta version and there are still a couple of features I want to add. For example, being able to rename Combat Styles or Advanced skills like Lore (?). Buy I'm getting dental surgery tomorrow and I wanted to put this out tonight.

If you'd like to try it out, I'm open for suggestions.

If for any reason this sheet shouldn't be made available here, I'll take it down immediately.

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JasonMorris said Aug 21, 2012 01:53:58
nice. I built mine on the default character sheet. There are a couple areas where im not sure it will work out real well, but it is what it is.
I emailed the design mechanisms guys, and will let them decide if they want to release it, since it is built on their design.
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Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 21, 2012 02:20:17
I look forward to seeing your work!

I decided to go with a different design because I like having a separate "Original" and "Current" for HP, Characteristics, etc. it's good for spells like "Enhance". Also, we have done a lot of adventuring in the Spirit World, so Spirit attributes are handy to have front and centre.
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 22, 2012 11:01:45
I've updated the character sheet so that it accepts different specializations, along with a bunch of other stuff. I think it's working now.
RudyBoe said Aug 23, 2012 15:30:51
It's looking real well, I have downloaded it and we will start using it this weekend. Took some getting into, but as long as you respect the fill in order it seems to be working just fine. The skill calculator tool is a nice touch, although filling in existing characters might be a bit of a hassle, but we'll get there, the opportunity to have all character sheets uploaded to our wiki more than makes up for that.
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 23, 2012 15:36:26
I've transfered a few existing characters to the sheet already. I found the easiest thing is, on the skill calculation page, to completely ignore the "career" and "culture" skill points and use the bonus skill column only. It was too much trouble trying to figure out whether I put 10 or 15 points into a culture skill... In the end it all works out the same way.

RudyBoe said Aug 23, 2012 16:18:46
Ah ok, good tip that. I've been trying to make things fit, but if it works your way that's a lot simpler. Very nicely done, your sheet, I have set the difficulty to hard, you need that the most, and it's hardest to calc on the go.
RudyBoe said Aug 24, 2012 14:47:12
OK, we transferred the characters to epdf. in general it works brilliantly. Once you undersgtand the sete-up it saves you a huge amount of time. If I had to be critical, there are two remarks that came up:

one esthetical: the font size seems to differ between fields. This really is no biggy.
another is practical: four weapon lines and 6 combat styles seems a bit mismatched. Several of my characters needed 5 or 6 weapon lines, while 3 styles sufficed. A fyrd warrior combo like shortspear, javelin, peltast, shortsword is no exception, and most have a second style, like berserker with great axe, or brawler, with dagger.

That having been said, we love the sheet and the tiny drawbacks don't weigh up to the positive effect on PC handling.
RudyBoe said Aug 25, 2012 07:01:56
Yes, you are right about the fonts auto resizing. It's just some start at another size than others. Again, perfectly acceptable, I have seen two sizes, it's not chaotic or anything. Plus this is on xchange viewer, not adobe. I'll try it in adobe as well later on. However, to point you in the right direction: the first weapon line is in the smaller font, the second one is two points bigger.

Thanks for looking at the weapons line. It's a great utility!
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 25, 2012 07:11:51
Yep, the first weapon line has a smaller point size. That is fixable.
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