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Editable Character Sheet?

posted Aug 18, 2012 20:26:35 by VaughanCockell
Hi. There was a stated intention of producing an editable pdf of the character sheet back when the pdf of the game came out. Is this still the case, and how is the production of this going?
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Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 27, 2012 05:49:27
Here is an updated version of the Character Sheet

- Math rounds up where it used to not round at all.
- Font sizes are standardized
- Added a couple more lines for weapons, took out Combat Style 5 (otherwise it was too crowded)
- Added the possibility for multiple grimoires, paths, and devotions. There is also a drop-down box which appears on pg 2 if you have more than one grimoire, path or devotion. The drop-down box will calculate intensities and stuff depending on which grimoire (or whatever) you're using. Sometimes this drop-down box takes two tries to import in the grimoire names. This should only happen on your first try though.

I think that's it for this character sheet. I hope people find it useful.
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barry said Aug 27, 2012 07:32:23
Hi there - this is pretty cool - how do i modify the basic skill values though, my pdf reader calculates the value but won't let me edit increases - or am I missing something?

RudyBoe said Aug 27, 2012 07:37:48
I think you need to look at page 3, that's where you enter the skill increases, the front page is then automatically filled in.

Checking out the new version, thanks for the modifications!
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 27, 2012 07:45:14
Yes, page three is where you do the skill increases. There are some crude instructions further upthread. The skill totals on pg 1 are not modifiable - they are calculated. That way, if you increase your DEX let's say, all your skill percentages will update immediately upon changing the number in the "Current DEX" box.
VaughanCockell said Aug 27, 2012 08:23:10
I've just tried out the character sheet, building a Theist. The form appears to miscalculate the Magnitude/Intensity. My character with Devotion 35% (all spent in bonus points phase) still showed a magnitude/Intensity of 2.

Admittedly, this character did not follow the restrictions usually attached to bonus point spend (only into advanced skills already acquired) but as the form did not restrict an alternative spend, and it was into magical skills, which are a rules corner case in this area, it did not seem to be against the spirit of the char gen rules.

Have I spotted a fault or have I pushed the form too far outside design?
barry said Aug 27, 2012 09:02:25
Sorry guys, perception critical failure by me tonight...
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 27, 2012 11:46:04

Sorry, I had the Mag/Intens at 1/20 instead of 1/10. This updated version corrects that

Getting those multiple magic drop boxes to work properly was the hardest bit of programming for the whole sheet. Once I got it to work (finally) my blurry eyes must have missed the /20 instead of /10. I'm glad you spotted it, thank-you.

BTW, the way the sheet is set up, you can circumvent the normal point-spend restrictions on pg 3. Pages 1 and 2 only look at the total for each skill. This is a built-in allowance for house-rules and rule customization.

Also, it's set up so that new careers and cultures should be simple to add. So once the setting supplements start rolling out, I can update the sheet with the new options. However, any new magic systems would require setting-specific sheets.
RudyBoe said Aug 27, 2012 14:27:34
Well spotted8 Our group is enthusiastic about the sheets, we call em e-sheets :D
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 27, 2012 14:35:43
Glad you like the eSheets! I'm making up a bunch of pre-gen characters and having automated sheets is a major time saver.

If you are going to print them, only pages 1 and 2 are useful. So double sided it'll be on one piece of paper. A couple of the fields don't print out (like the lock boxes for culture and career) so as to keep the physical copy tidy.

There might be one or two more tiny updates as time passes and things come to my attention.

I just changed the strike rank calculation so that it is reduced due to Armour Worn. I don't think anything on the sheets is unplayable so I wouldn't bother redoing any characters you have now as it takes a bit of time to fill out a new sheet. I didn't bother with a new version number for this change, but anything downloaded after this message will have the SR fix.
NeilFong said Aug 28, 2012 00:42:11
Looks great!! Generated my characters instantly. however I do have two quibbles. Firstly, non changeable move rates. Dwarven characters are stuck with 6 movement. Secondly a simple notes section/page would do wonders in keeping everything together (behaviours, history, weapon style info(such as included weapons and traits), notes-to-self etc)

Besides these awesome work *pats you on back* :)
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 28, 2012 20:05:28
Quibble 1: Movement rate. Fixed. (Hardly a quibble, more of a "kinda broken actually")

Quibble 2: I've added a new page to the pdf that has copious notes sections.
lawrence.whitaker said Aug 28, 2012 20:47:21
Jason Morris has produced a very good version based on the official RQ character sheet. You'll find it in the Downloads section.
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 28, 2012 22:19:17
Is it worth having a sticky thread on this forum for character sheets and other tools the community has developed?
RudyBoe said Aug 29, 2012 05:40:33
Up to version 5 it is, Chris ;). I have reported the new one to my players, so they have a choice.
Afon y Bydysawd said Aug 31, 2012 23:20:26
The lazier I get the more this character sheet grows. I got tired of looking up weapon stats so I added a little "Auto" button that does all that for you. It's a bit slow processing-wise, but you only have to do it once.

The Weapon fields are still editable if you've got setting-specific weapons - the "auto" is optional. There are a lot of stats, so an error or two is bound to have crept in. Please let me know if weapon info comes up wrong.
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