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Editable Character Sheet?

posted Aug 18, 2012 20:26:35 by VaughanCockell
Hi. There was a stated intention of producing an editable pdf of the character sheet back when the pdf of the game came out. Is this still the case, and how is the production of this going?
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NeilFong said Oct 02, 2012 07:41:26
Wow so quick, but I know you're going to hate this.

pg 117

"The amount armour counts towards
Encumbrance Capacity depends on whether
it is worn or carried."

"When worn, only half the total ENC
of the armour is counted towards

"When carried, the full ENC value
of the armour is counted towards

So despite using "full" encumbrance to calculate the armour penalty, only half is counted towards encumbrance for carrying capacity when worn.

*runs for the hills*
RudyBoe said Oct 02, 2012 12:53:30
The sting is in the tail. I hope it's not too hard to program in.
RudyBoe said Oct 02, 2012 12:53:46
The sting is in the tail. I hope it's not too hard to code in.
Afon y Bydysawd said Oct 02, 2012 15:51:33
OK, let me get this straight :)

I can use the full sum of the "ENC Armour Worn" section to calculate the Armour Penalty to Strike Rank. I then have to halve that value and add it to the total encumbrance box.

So essentially all I have to do is: Total Encumbrance = Stuff Carried + (ArmourPenalty / 2). If you're carrying armour, put that in the Equipment Section, not the Armour worn section.

I think this is why we typically end up ignoring encumbrance and substitute a "whatever seems reasonable" attitude. I think for us this would be too much calculation leading to not enough effect or fun. If I didn't have the character sheet do the math for me I honestly wouldn't bother - characters are always picking up stuff, putting down stuff, dropping backpacks, etc. etc.

Needless to say, I'll update the calculation tonight (probably) when I get home. If we're otherwise good, you can come back from the hills now, though I'd keep an eye on your flank.
RudyBoe said Oct 03, 2012 05:06:56
We go for the backpack approach for all the loose bits. We assume PCs drop their backpack when a fight ensues. The thing that is important is this armor worn -> SR modifier.
Afon y Bydysawd said Oct 04, 2012 14:57:06
I’d like to ask if people could test the Encumbrance on this updated character sheet. Specifically the armour issue mentioned upthread. I’ve never used ENC as written so I’m not too familiar with the rules here.

I’ve added in a little warning message for the different levels of encumbrance: burdened, overloaded, and over limit.

Here’s a question: When over-encumbered would it be useful for the character sheet to automatically a) reduce movement speed and b) reduce the STR- and DEX-based skills. The reason I ask is that it will involve some programming hocus-pocus to get the skills to show the effects of ENC and I’m not sure I want the character sheet to have total power over the way you play, that is, honestly, do you follow the ENC rules exactly as written? If you want auto-encumbrance to change skill values, I’d probably add an override box to turn off enc-based calculations.
RudyBoe said Oct 04, 2012 16:29:34
I agree that it's not necessary to let the sheet have total control: there will be a point where the skill will prohibit ctain house rules, so I prefer a bit of editability: like the secondary stat fields: you can enter whatever you want, but if you delete it takes the value from the primary stat field. I like that.
NeilFong said Oct 08, 2012 12:56:00
Rudy is hitting the all the good points.

I agree that total control is not the way to go. As Rudy highlighted house ruling suffers. For example I don't use the standard skill penalty system (I use the old quicker fixed penalties ie -20%). Which is why I like the way it is rather optional in your sheet.

SR calculation however (to me) is hard wired = very important to get calculation right.

Sorry about getting you worked up about getting absolute perfection. I think the sheet is perfect now.

A veteran player of mine once refused to use the sheet. But I eventually persuaded him to use it and he now loves it. The auto skill calculations, automatic listing of professional skills. Ample space to write.

Cheers for the work.
Afon y Bydysawd said Oct 10, 2012 13:39:07
I think the danger/temptation was the programming challenge of getting the encumbrance to automatically effect the skill percentages. I mentioned that I’d have an override box because I wouldn’t want the use the RAW myself.

Our setting diverges from the default significantly, that’s why there are "Custom" species and professions, and why the choice of species does not limit the available professions. Because I want to control the character sheet, not the other way around. I’m happy we all agree with that, and I’ll leave the character sheet alone.

Sorry about getting you worked up about getting absolute perfection.

It’s all good. I want to make sure the math works perfectly, but I’m more-or-less on the hand-wavy/house-ruly side of GM-ing so I’m not looking for absolute perfection at all :)

I’m glad that long-time players are digging the sheet. Please feel free to post the sheet or the link to it wherever you want. I don’t know if there’s a wiki or something but it’d be a shame if it gets buried in an old forum thread.
RudyBoe said Oct 10, 2012 19:45:39
It has been a total time saver for us, plus I can actually read my player's e-sheets now!
Thanks for all the hard work!
NeilFong said Oct 11, 2012 02:53:43
RudyBoe I can actually read my player's e-sheets now!...

Amen to that, lol!!
Afon y Bydysawd said Oct 11, 2012 15:39:30
You're welcome! It was fun to do and thanks for your input and critical eyes.
Anthony said Jul 08, 2013 00:14:06
Late to the party (as usual). Just getting into making RQ6 characters.

I love this sheet...however can you put DEX after SIZ? That's the way it is in the book and the other character sheets I've seen (even the "official one).
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