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Gencon 2012, Indianapolis, August 16-20th

posted Aug 20, 2012 02:12:43 by lawrence.whitaker
This is the biggest convention I've been to. 50k attendees, an entire convention centre swamped by gamers, geeks, cos-players, old farts, young farts, families, the casually curious, and myself and Rick Meints. Its held in central Indianapolis and the whole city gets into the swing, with restaurants having themed menus, locals smiling tolerantly and benevolently as a Stormtrooper or Cyberpunk Goth Chick saunters past, and the place awash with gaming of every kind indoors, outdoors and sometimes even in doorways.

Rick and I shared territory with Cubicle 7. Dom McDowall-Thomas, Jon Hogdson, Gareth and Laura Skarka, Gareth and Edel Ryder-Hanrahan and Andrew Peregrine. They were fabulous hosts, including us in their extended family and looking after us like old friends. For me, this made the con.

But Christ's Crappy Nappies, its hard work. On our feet constantly from 10am until 6pm, and, on the Friday morning, building seven Ikea bookcases that arrived a tad late just as the hall opened for business. Rick and I had a corner area for RQ and Glorantha and all human life drifted by us. Some of it amused us, and some of it bewildered us. The theme of the week was Fezes, Goggles and Kilts. Many sported the Cooper Headgear of choice; many had steampunk goggles perched on their heads or hats; and 'utilikits' made of everything from heavy cotton to blacksmithying leather, were on show. No, we didn't buy one.

Trade was very good. Many, many people stopped to look at our books, ask questions, and buy from us. I met some great people, had some excellent conversations, and thoroughly enjoyed the friendly, carnival atmosphere.

What struck me most were the number of people who came to look at RQ not knowing that Mongoose had published two versions between Avalon Hill's edition and RQ6. They thus came to it with fresh, but nostalgic eyes, and I really hope that they gain as much fun from RQ now as they did then.

Lots of interest in Glorantha. Lots of interest in a hard cover. Pete and I will discuss how we go about these.

We went to the ENNIEs too, and were thrilled to see Cubicle 7 do so well (1 Gold, 2 Silvers) for 'The One Ring' and 'Cthulhu Britannica'. The awards are held in the Union Station Hotel's grand hall which was, once, the main hall for the railway terminal. Its very fitting: high vaulted and stained-glass. Plus there's a bar next to it that serves a great local stout that went down a treat.

I have submitted RQ6 for the 2013 ENNIEs, so touch wood, we might be shortlisted next year.

So I am now knackered. My feet throb, my calves ache and my head is buzzing. This comes to you from a motel somewhere on the 1-69 close to the Indiana/Ohio border.

It was a fabulous week, and we'll be there next year.

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jvmarron said Aug 23, 2012 15:59:32

Great to meet you at the con, and good to hear that you guys had a good show. I completely sympathize about the wear and tear on your feet, manning a booth is harder on the body than you would think!
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