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Our Pavis campaign

posted Sep 14, 2012 06:37:09 by RudyBoe
I know most people don't actually read these things - I'm happy some of my players do so they keep up with stuff - but at least one person expressed some interest in our Pavis campaign, and I'm always up for some feedback. Mind you, we're not canon nuts, our only canon is fun.

Here's part 1 of the saga, I've left the part about vomiting in each other's helmet after the initiation party out to keep things civil.

Next session is Saturday, we play on a specially made table (how cool is that, like a poor man's Sultan) with real desert sand (actually it's fish tank sand) so it looks great, apart from the lush green bases on all my 300+ miniatures :D I'll make some pics :)
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Pittel said Sep 14, 2012 06:53:59

Have you converted Pavis´ related Cults for RQ6?

Are all your Player Characters Orlanthi from Sartar?
RudyBoe said Sep 14, 2012 07:21:21
Hi Pittel,
We have converted:
Orlanth: Lay Member, Initiate, Acolyte level. Still working on Priest/Lord. Defined available training etc for New Pavis and Rubble temples.
Yelorna: We have converted this short of priest level, again.
Pavis: not much work to do, apart from defining the lay member and initiate level grimoires.
Storm Bull: initiate level spells and skills
Chalana Arroy: initiate and acolyte level spells and skills

Player characters are, as per MD PAvis book:
One Sartarite Orlanthi initiate refugee, veteran from Whitewall battle
One Talastarian immigrant Orlanthi initiate
One member of the Ingilli, no cult ties, Zola Fel river spirit worshipper and ancestor worshipper
One Old pavisite from Real City, Pavis cult lay member, sorcerer
One Yelorna lay member from Manside
One Chalana Arroy acolyte from New Pavis (PC's aunt and red cross center)

There are other players, but these have started so far.

It's about as broad a mix as I felt I could make, and still have some believable cement between the characters.
Pittel said Sep 14, 2012 07:40:55
Is it possible to take a look at your conversions :-)
RudyBoe said Sep 14, 2012 11:51:23
I don't know where to post them: our campaign site is private for copyright reasons. If you send a msg over fb or mail you're welcome to them.

In two words, we used the standard RQ6 rules for membership, just revised the skills and folk magic / rune-temple-divine-theist magic from the RQ6 book, then made a selection from CoP and GoG divine magic and added those, including the description (since they're not in the RQ6 handbook). Then we added things like cult metals, animals, preferred weapons, and holy days (from the calendar)
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Pittel said Sep 14, 2012 12:02:42
I ´ll contact you via FB :-)

I m planning a Pavis game too, maybe we can exchange things...
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ismurray said Sep 15, 2012 14:57:05
I'm running the Red Moon Rising scenario from the Moon Design Pavis book very soon. Of course, Heroquest 2 relies on the runes as sources of magic, and they are vitally important in this particular scenario, so I've comes up with these rules as a guide for running it. Would love to know what other Pavis campaigners think.

Rune Powers

At character creation, a PC picks an element rune and another one or two runes (certain runes, like Infinity, as revealed only through play). If a player picks only one rune, they may discover another through play. Hero-level players gain additional "super" runes (eg Infinity) through Heroquesting.

Runes are like passions, and govern/limit/direct both behavior, as well as augmenting other skills (especially magic).

Skill %age for each rune – starting ability is POW x 2%. Scores are raised as per normal rules, although training is only available in very rare circumstances. Runes cannot be increased beyond POX x 5% unless via Heroquesting. [Because]

Players may not have more than one element rune. Replacing an element rune is possible through a Heroquest.

Players may not have two opposing power runes without the Chaos, Moon or Infinity rune.


Augment appropriate magic (20% of rune skill value)
Augment appropriate ability or roll (eg Air rune for acrobatics, Darkness for perception at night, Harmony rune for sing/dance, Death rune for killing blows, Life rune for healing)
Oppose Magic from opposed rune source
Used to substitute for skill (eg Disorder for causing a bar fight, Truth rune for an appeal to a jury, Communication for mutual understanding with a foreigner, Beast for taming a horse, Motion for getting to something first)

Runes also penalize inappropriate magic/abilities, eg someone with a fire rune will be penalized attempting to use darkness magic, someone with a death rune will be penalized when attempting to heal, someone with a disorder rune will be penalized when attempting to reach agreement, etc.

Armak said Sep 16, 2012 16:03:11
Hi rudy - how to connect with you via email. would be interested about the conversions.
RudyBoe said Sep 16, 2012 17:37:40
avatar said Oct 30, 2012 02:53:56
I will be watching this with great interest, as I am starting a Dragon Pass game set in 1621 and will be converting cults and whatnot. One of my players is part of the Black Fang Brotherhood and a native of New Pavis, who is hiding out with relatives in the Pass waiting for the heat to die down.
RudyBoe said Oct 31, 2012 14:56:23
We are starting the second episode this Saturday, still waiting for feedback from the players to see whether they intend to head to Corflu via the Raus Fort, travel to the Puzzle Canal to investigate rumours about a sorcerer, or head into Sartar in an attempt to free one PC's sibling that were taken hostage and enslaved by a Lunar dignitary.

We have been continuously modifying combat styles as well as cults, and have been fleshing out the villages around Pavis, and the players now have enough roots to spread out a little bit.
AnthonyClaes said Feb 25, 2013 15:56:48
it seems our adventures are know to the public :)

he sure did a superb job on getting us started :)
and we have one very devoted player who started helping our GM with some terrain and putting "creating" his cult
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