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Eternal CONclave 2013

posted Sep 19, 2012 13:16:39 by Pittel

Registration for Eterrnal CONclave 2013 is open!

be quick and use our early bird fee

what can you expect?

- gaming and accomodation in a medival castle, overlooking the river rhine
- german food, wines and beer
- 3 brand new freeforms + kids specials (incl a kids-freeform)
- special RuneQuest, HeroQuest and Glorantha highlights
- Richard, Whitaker, Nash & friends

for more info ask me or look here

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Pittel said Dec 29, 2012 15:17:02
The Fortunate Strangulations - A Freeform by Simon Bray (Saturday Noon)

Fonrit - the fantastic but cruel land of demons, mad tyrants, courtesans, slave soldiers, and evil wizards! In the capital city of Afadjann all vices are possible, but what of virtue? Schemes, plots, and rampant insanity threaten to destroy Afadjann - do try to save your city or are you part of the problem?

The Fortunate Strangulations is a Gloranthan Freeform for 25 players for those that love that Arabian Nights feel to their gaming, so don your fez, your turban or veil and join the fight to shape Fonrit. Some Gloranthan knowledge would be an asset but is not vital for this game. Picture a land where the mad uncle, the evil vizier and the wicked caliph have won and Sinbad, Alladin and Ali Baba all toil as their slaves and you can picture Fonrit. If you can backstab, politic, belly dance or conspire then this is the game for you.

more info on facebook or soon!
Pittel said Jan 08, 2013 07:37:57
The registration for the Freeforms started, keep in mind that you must registered for the Convention and have paid to make your game valid.
Pittel said Feb 06, 2013 08:04:30
We just have a dozen free spaces, so register quick!
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