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Pavis' city cult

posted Oct 12, 2012 13:36:42 by PaulBaker
I've be running a bit of a staggered campaign set in Pavis (based on the new HW book) using RQ6 and I'm disliking my take on Pavis and wondered how others have been treating his cult.

Currently I'm treating the cult as three entities;
An outer divine cult which provides limited Harmony miracles(Pacify, Mindlink, Heal Wound)
It has only Initiates and lay members, members are recruited from here by the inner sorcery cult.
The 2nd Tier a sorcery based cult open by invitation only.
And the Inner circle a shady secretive organisation, those who work with Pavis to bring about his dream for the city.

Older sources push him as a hero/city cult ...but Pavis GTA really pushes the fact he is not a god and no one emulates his deeds, though his magics 'seem' to be 'miracles' to all and sundry who take it for a Thesis cult, though they are in fact Sorceries.

I've been rationalizing the miracles as a by product of Pavis' questing into the Green Age and the residual Man Rune magics of the statue.

Looking at it with a first ed Herowars hat on, Pavis would be sorcery cult suffering from misapplied worship, but he seems to heavily attached to the Gods plane/Green Age - or is he using misapplied sorcery... (A lot of sources I've read seem to hint his sorcery is drawn from the Green Age as well... who knows)

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RudyBoe said Oct 13, 2012 12:26:45
We have no miracles. Everybody can become a lay member. Lay members get access to the Faceless Statue grimoire. To become initiates one must have mastered this first grimoire of the cult. A second gromoire, Pavis' wedding, must be mastered to become acolyte. From there, members can specialize in a grimoire, a skill, or make themselves useful to the cult and town in another way, eventually becoming priest or champion. Focus is very much on playability, rather than canon.
DavidCake said Oct 17, 2012 12:50:02
I treat it as a primarily sorcerous cult, but that also offers limited divine magic. Divine magic skills are not necessary at any level to progress in the cult - but if you want to invest in divine magic skills, they are there.
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