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Praxian animist cults?

posted Oct 25, 2012 11:46:25 by Skoll
One of my players is a praxian zebra-raider and a spirit worshipper. I have understood, that all praxian nomads belong to both Waha and their own beast-cult. So I'm thinking what should the zebra cult be like. I'm thinking of allowing it access to guardian spirits and some different aspects of the zebra-spirit, for example:
- Spirit of the running zebra: +1 movement / intensity
- Spirit of the laboring zebra: increase carrying capacity 20% / intensity
- Spirit of the watchful zebra: improve perception
- Spirit of the haven't-though-of-a-name-yet zebra: night vision (according to Wikipedia, zebras have night vision)

What kind of animist cults have you created to Prax?
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Pittel said Oct 25, 2012 14:02:29
(according to Wikipedia, zebras have night vision)

This is very interesting! It could say that zebra-worshippers can see at night very well... like Sable-riders, who needs little water.
DavidCake said Oct 28, 2012 05:58:48
Zebras are not part of the Waha cult, and the zebra-riders are, in general, not nomads but based around Pavis - and the Zebra Riders hate the nomads in general, and Waha in particular (though they do have animist worship of Eiritha). The modern Zebras (that are ridable) were bred by Joraz Kyrems time, in the Second Age, from Zebras and Horses using Pure Horse People and Issaries magic, so they are not part of the pre-Dawn Lottery of Waha. The original Zebras were too small to ride game creatures, but still daughters of Eiritha.

The new Pavis book says (pg 11) the modern Zebra-Riders worship mostly divine magic (Humakt as war god, Yelmalio as a mounted leader god, some Lightbringers, along with animist Foundchild the Hunter and Eiritha the Herdsmother.

That said, all the spirits you mention might still be available to Zebra-riders - just the source of those spirits will be the (female) shamans of the Eiritha cult, not the Waha cult. The Eiritha cult is all about animal (Nature) spirits like these. The night vision is an interesting ability - and even more useful to the Zebra-riders of the Big Rubble (who are constantly fighting trolls) than it would be to a Plains tribe.
Skoll said Oct 29, 2012 07:07:04
Thanks. That's an interesting view. I guess I need to read the new Pavis book properly.
VaughanCockell said Oct 29, 2012 11:18:40
My reading of the Waha - Eiritha divide is while both would draw on Nature spirits of animals and land, Waha would not access abilities which were tied to life - birthing, healing etc. If abilities could be used for death - hunting, fighting etc then worshippers of Waha could access them. Some abilities of course could straddle these boundaries but that divide in role is very clear in Prax.

The Rule One fanzine had a few issues with fauna of Prax articles, which I used in creating a Waha-worshipping rider. Here is where you can download back issues:
Skoll said Nov 07, 2012 07:33:08
Thanks for your answers.

David, you are mentioning only Waha, Stormbull, Eiritha and other great spirits as spirit sources for shamans. But when reading MRQII Cults of Glorantha (Beast Spirit Cult, p. 37.) I would understand that in addition to the great spirits, there are also smaller, tribe-specific traditions. So Sable riders would have a cult of the Sable spirit and High Llama riders the cult of the High Llama spirit.

How do you see these different kind of cults working together?

I have explained it to myself so that, every praxian nomad can a lay member or initiate of several cults - probably one greater cult (Waha, Eiritha, Stormbull) and also their own beast cult. Shamans would probably need to select one cult to be their primary cult, but I guess nothing prevents an animist from achieving a high shaman status in both, say Waha and Sable spirit cult.
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