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posted Oct 28, 2012 16:50:48 by jujitsudaveps3
I totally dig RQ6. What is the next product planned for release and when do you expect it to be out? I need to know so I can give you my money!
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lawrence.whitaker said Oct 31, 2012 00:50:24
Hi Dave.

You know, you don't have to wait to give us money... :-)

Forgive the delay in the reply - we've working on the next releases. I will be posting the cover the Monster Island in the next day or so and, hopefully, Book of Quests soon after.

We were planning to have both these books out before the end of the year, but its now looking like early (and I mean January) 2013 releases for both. They'll be worth the wait. Monster Island, in particular, will be quite wonderful, although Book of Quests will give you oodles of scenario time too. They're very different, but complimentary, books, and I'm busy wracking my brain about how to make BoQ dovetail with MI a little more closely.

So watch this space. Lots of good stuff on its way.
registrations said Nov 01, 2012 06:53:10
Bloody great timing, i am having a break GMing till jan, so hopefully this can make my re entry easier!
jujitsudaveps3 said Nov 02, 2012 22:00:55
Great!! Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I don't really know squat about Monster Island but after reading you and Pete Nash's interview on RPG Now, Monster Island sounds cool and I already was planning to snatch up Book of Quests. I'll be getting both.
The big prize for me is Mythic Briton. If I'm not already playing in a game by then, I will be running one in this setting. A perfect continuation of my last game in MRQII that took place 90 years earlier.

Think you will post that Science Fiction (....Cough...Star Wars...Cough...Cough...) thing again? Any ideas on how to adapt Deus Vult, Kingdoms or Vikings? I know they are like 95% similar though.
Dreameister said Nov 03, 2012 08:41:04
I also look forward to all the new, shiny books, though for me Mythic Constantinople is the one I'm waiting for (yes, I know it's way down the line...)

As for adaptations, I'm not sure about how much work Deus Vult and Empires would take, as I haven't used them, but Vikings are very, very easy to bring into RQ6. Basically, you need to adjust char gen and add the three new skills that have appeared in the book (Gaming, Skiing, Poetry). Use magic as written in Vikings - it was tailor made to what you read in the Sagas, leaving RQ6 magic out and that is pretty much it.

The only real work is getting the cultures and professions in line with what is RQ6 character creation process (Cultures, for example, offer more skills - both standard and professional than what was available in MRQII and hence in Vikings, but that is easy to resolve by adding what makes sense to you. And you have passions. It's similar with careers, but there you have some that can be imported as is from RQ6. And you have to develop combat styles but again, I don't think it'd take long.

I think that the couple of Special Effects that are Vikings specific could be used as is with the streamlined RQ6 combat, but I don't have the book with me so I cannot check. All in all it shouldn't be more than a half hour work.

NorbertFranz said Nov 06, 2012 12:50:07
Hello DM,
In fact I was just about to ask the same question as Jujitsu Dave. Thanks for your kind answers.
Also, I'd very much like to know what will be the first Gwenthia book, and when that is going to be out!

Looking at the material in the core rulebook and the GM aids for RQ6, I was wondering whether Gwenthia would be the first game world to be officially supported by you in the form of a book, or maybe the Scourged Earth world. Which one is it going to be?

Have a great day.
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 07, 2012 04:30:29
Not sure when Gwenthia will happen, Norbert. Scourged Earth may happen before then.
NorbertFranz said Nov 07, 2012 08:46:18
Thank you, Lawrence. I was just trying to get a guesstimated timeframe. Scourged Earth sounds like a vastly interesting concept, there are so many new names mentioned in the free sample adventure you made. I also like the setting of Meeros, but I understand that was only crafted to illustrate rules in the main rulebook and will probably not be developed beyond that.

I recently used a very basic Meeros/Greece/Mediterranean setting for RQ6. It won people over more quickly than Glorantha, to be perfectly honest.
Atlatl_Jones said Nov 07, 2012 18:04:17
Do you have a timeframe on the 2nd printing of RQ6, and/or the possibility of a hardcover version?
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 08, 2012 01:35:38
Early 2012 for both. Hardcover will most likely be a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project.
MichaelLewis said Nov 12, 2012 21:42:25

How generic is The Book of Quests going to be? I'm a big fan of Glorantha and was hoping that it could be used for that setting.
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 13, 2012 01:05:47
Its reasonably generic. It does have its own background, but there's no reason why you can't transplant the scenarios to Glorantha, and the intro chapter offers some suggestions on where to place them (and how to use the various elements in Glorantha).
JebidiahHeidiPorter said Nov 14, 2012 18:25:22
"Early 2012 for both. Hardcover will most likely be a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project."

Yours powers are truly amazing!
SteveLieb said Dec 03, 2012 18:10:16
Is there anyone working on a Glorantha RQ6 sourcebook? Or is it assumed that people will essentially reference previous (other company) products as source material?

Personally, I ran an RQ3 medieval (AD1100) campaign with a couple of 'groups', one was adventuring in Cornwall, the other in Constantinople. Both were a blast. Just reading this stuff gets me jazzed to go dig out all my (ample) source material.

Ok now I'm not going to get ANY work done today.
lawrence.whitaker said Dec 08, 2012 20:00:54
Is there anyone working on a Glorantha RQ6 sourcebook? Or is it assumed that people will essentially reference previous (other company) products as source material?

There will be a Glorantha RQ6 sourcebook next year, and we have started doing some work on it. In the meantime the existing material is still eminently usable with RQ6 and shouldn't take a huge amount of conversion work.

The Glorantha forum on this site has some discussion on conversions already, and its worth you checking it out for ideas Steve.
RoryHughes said Dec 09, 2012 01:18:07
With regards to the Glorantha sourcebook, I am curious at to whether it will be 2nd Age or 3rd Age? Or maybe 1st or 4th Age!!
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