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Monster Island Cover Up

posted Nov 10, 2012 23:02:54 by lawrence.whitaker
On the News page.
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RoryHughes said Nov 10, 2012 23:09:40
Woah! That looks really impressive.....a bestiary that has gaming worth beyond being a catalogue of creatures, and an adaptable campaign book to boot. Cover looks nice too..
JebidiahHeidiPorter said Nov 12, 2012 01:09:24
looks good
SebastianJansson said Nov 12, 2012 12:42:37
I can only say that I want it!
Atlatl_Jones said Nov 12, 2012 21:26:26
kaddej said Nov 12, 2012 22:35:19
I <knew> I smelled a coverup!


Akrasia said Nov 13, 2012 18:31:28
I am delighted to learn that much of the art will be done by Russ Nicholson! He's one of my favourite FRPG artists of all time. Excellent decision!
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 13, 2012 19:56:12
Actually, Russ has contributed only a few pieces - not the bulk - but his stuff is terrific.
Akrasia said Nov 14, 2012 01:33:25
Ah, wishful thinking on my part. Still great news. And I quite like Hodgson's work as well.
Antalon said Nov 25, 2012 20:05:16
So, what I want to know is what is this "Cover Up" trying to hide! What's in this island that no man shall ever see? What treasures lie there that this conspiracy is trying to prevent me finding! You will not have it your all your own way. Ha! I shall find the island and expose its truth to the world............
PeteNash said Nov 25, 2012 21:24:07
Secrets man was not meant to know. Tablets of jade on which the secrets of sorcery were inscribed by ancient beings of scaly wisdom. A three fabulous cities containing unimaginable wealth, said to be made from solid gold. Cliffs carved with figures 200 cubits high which dance on the nights of the full moon. Vast monsters that stride across the island as living gods. Are these but fanciful tales? A few brave souls may seek to uncover these secrets. None ever return to tell of what they discover...
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 25, 2012 22:15:04
'Tis a place of cyclopean, eldritch horrors. Tis filled with sights set to drive the strongest mind insane. Aye, all this and then there are the dwellers of this fiendish isle: demons, monsters, degenerates and cannibals. I have seen the Skin Drums! I have heard their malicious beats! I have climbed to the summit of the great watchtowers and seen the spirits at war with each other! I have ventured through the Graveyard of Bones and watched comrades fall to... to...

No! Even now, seventeen years after leaving that dreadful isle, I still cannot bear to imagine what it was I saw, rising through the ossuary, talons grasping, reaching... that plaintive call, the siren's song.

Never shall we speak of this again. Never, you hear me? NEVER! NEVER!'

A recording of renowned explorer, C.A Howard-Craft III, resident of Scaleborough Park Sanitorium for the Mentally Disturbed, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England, November, 1912.
RKhues said Nov 26, 2012 03:36:14
So, it's a bit like the Isle of Man then?
lawrence.whitaker said Nov 26, 2012 04:02:27
I've never been to the Isle of Man, but I have been to the Isle of Sheppey...
EricHaste said Nov 26, 2012 04:50:19
Luckly we are only going for a 3 hour tour.

All aboard the Minnow!!
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