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Moon Design order issues?

posted Nov 17, 2012 17:07:03 by parker_seand
I didnt know if this was the right place for this or not. I ordered from RQ6 from Moon Design a few weeks ago and other than the "Payment Received" notice, I've not heard anything about shipping. I've emailed them as well and not gotten a response. How long does it usually take for orders? I only ask because I ordered something from Lulu the same day, and its printed and shipped already... So it just seemed a bit odd that this hadnt gone out already.

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lawrence.whitaker said Nov 17, 2012 17:21:45
Hi Sean,

I'm onto this.
DanTrue said Nov 17, 2012 20:19:57
I had the same experience. I contacted Moon Design because it was beginning to be late and I had not heard anything. I received no answer, but a few days later the book arrived in the mail :)

- Dan
RoryHughes said Nov 17, 2012 21:05:20
I got my book yesterday. Actually, it may have got there earlier as I found it outside my backdoor where the postman must have presumably left it without telling me. Not sure how long it was there, as I normally go in and out through my front door. Anyway, from the States to NZ within 28 days is pretty typical I think.
parker_seand said Nov 18, 2012 05:50:56
Issue resolved

Thanks again.
parker_seand said Nov 24, 2012 00:29:44
Got my RQ6 book today.

Thanks again for the speedy resolution.
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