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various questions about combat

posted Nov 30, 2012 23:54:58 by Libuse P
Hi all, tonight i have done my first test combat with rq6 and some questions arose.
1) there arent hp total anymore, so the only apparent way to die is
- a) bleeding (as result of a bleeding tactical advantage)
- b) major wound (instant death if head, chest and abdomen iirc)

2) it seems to me that the damage is cumulative on a single location. So if for example i have a Right Arm with 5 hp and 2 ap and i get hit by an attack that does me 6 hp, i get -2 for the armor reduction and i have my RA with 1 hp left. The wound is a minor wound, since i have 5 hp and 4 are less than that.
Next cycle i got hit by a 3 hp attack, 2 mitigated, 1 carrying over.
Since my RA was reduced to 1 hp, this 1 hp attack reduces me the location to 0, so it does effectively 1 serious wound (even if the hp going over the armor was 1 and the previous were 4)
is this interpretation right ?
if it's right, i can be brought to death by an x=n number of attacks that does 1hp over the AP of my head simply because it accumulates (where n is my headx2hp)

3) lets say i have a foe attacking my players, and 3 of them are firing arrows. he ignores or just is unlucky so he got hit by 3 attacks. THe players all choose impale.
the poor sod has 3 arrows on him. This means his skill is reduced by 3 categories (3 impales) or just by 1 ? (so, are the impale skill reduction cumulative or not ?)

well, these are the first 3 questions, probably more will follow
thanks for the eventual answers
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bluefenix42 said Dec 01, 2012 02:20:32
1) Correct. Major Wounds and the Bleed effect are the main ways to die. Theoretically, anything that causes Fatigue can kill you eventually (lack of air, continuing to exert yourself when already too tired, etc.). A GM must use common sense about other things that may or may not be deadly, such as certain spells.

2) Yes, you are interpreting HP correctly. Characters can die from one massive wound, or many smaller injuries that add up. One way to look at it is that the more small injuries you have, the harder it is to avoid taking a severe blow, and further damage may rip a wound you already have further open or shatter a weakened bone or whatever.

3) I'm not sure about impale stacking and I don't have time right now to look it up, sorry.
PatHenry said Dec 01, 2012 02:30:10
3) RAW, p. 146:

"The severity of the penalty depends on the size of both the creature and the weapon impaling it, as listed on the Impale Effects Table. For simplicity’s sake, further impalements with the same sized weapon inflict no additional penalties.”

Seems to answer the question.
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RudyBoe said Dec 02, 2012 07:24:29
We have an additional house rule, or rather state: a player can become heroic when critically driven by his passions. In that case, the wounds do not add up. The hp are only affected when the damage would have been worse than the current damage to begin with.
So with 4 hp on a limb, pc is hit for 3 points, goes to 1 hp. Then pc is hit on same location for 2 points, no effect, cause he is at 1 hp already. Then hit on same location for 3 points, no damage added, cause it would be the same as the first time. Then he is hit on same location for 4 points, now his hp go to 0, ergo one additional point of damage, just like what would happen if this was first hit. So no more accumulation.
Obviously, this makes pc very resilient. This state can be achieved - per our house rules - as a consequence of a critical passion roll. Say loved one pc has a passion for is in mortal danger, aiding would mean grave risks to self, and a passion check (54%) yields 04, critical. Now pc goes 'heroic' and runs to the aid of loved one in a very heroic manner. This is a big big change, way more effective than berserk imo, so it should be a rare occasion. So far, in about 12 sessions, it has not yet come to pass, so it's still a paper (house) rule.
Just FYI.
PatHenry said Dec 02, 2012 20:20:41
RudyBoe wrote:

We have an additional house rule, or rather state: a player can become heroic when critically driven by his passions.

Interesting idea. It got me thinking someone might be able to employ something like Passion + Willpower/2 (or some other balanced formula) to emulate the Berserk spell. Could be an interesting option for a low magic campaign.
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