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Sorcery Invocation Costs

posted Dec 02, 2012 11:58:16 by Praetoriian
Hi all, a problem with a rule interpretation came up the other night, and I could use some clarity. I have a player with a Shaping skill of 56%, so 6 shaping points. He wanted to cast a spell placing 4 points of shaping into Duration and 2 points into Range.

The cost of doing so is where I'm getting confused, does it cost just 3 MP to cast as my friend suggests, being 1 base + 1 for each component shaped, then applying all points of shaping as seen fit within the components chosen. Or as I read it on page 237 as 7 MP, 1 base + 1 for each point of shaping applied in any spell component.

I can read it both ways, and after previously using the Legend system, now totally confused. :(
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lawrence.whitaker said Dec 02, 2012 13:48:13
Its 3 Magic Points.

It costs 1 Magic Point to cast the spell, and 1 Magic Point for each type of Shaping component used, irrespective of the intensity of the Shaping itself. The description on page 237 actually illustrates this, so I'm not sure how you calculate a 7 MP cost.

It works the same way in Legend, too.
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