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[HQ2 to RQ6] Theism

posted Dec 10, 2012 09:07:20 by WoeRie
I'm currently reading through the character creation and magic chapter of the HQ2 Sartar book and start to think how to emulate the "rules" or better "description of things" from there to RQ6. My hope is to solve it with the smallest change to the RQ6 rules, as I like them as they are. And I think the only modification should be to the Exhort skill (btw.: what does Exhort mean? All german translations I found make no sense).

Instead of specializing Exhort to a God I would specialize it to a Rune! As described in the HQ2 book, each character is connected to 3 runes and for each of the runes a character would get an Exhort skill at starting level. The skills can then be used to initiate to a god (maybe at 50%) and get the Devotion skill to learn Miracles. With this separation it would be possible to have the rune aspect and the god aspect separated in a way as HQ2 is doing it. I mean you can approach to Orlanth by the Master, Air or Movement rune, but you are always an Initiate of Orlanth.

This would require that all Miracles have to be connected to both a God and a Rune, but I think this should be no big deal, as it was already the case in old incarnations (not named after the rune, but the sub cult).

What do you think about this approach? Do you have any concerns?
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DanTrue said Dec 10, 2012 09:17:52
Exhort, verb: Strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something (kudos to google).

In this meaning, how good is the character at making whatever grants him magic, a god or rune or major spirit, to grant him said magic?

As to the other part - I've never played the older incarnations, so I don't feel qualified to really understand what you mean. But initially I don't think it'll break the system.

- Dan
WoeRie said Dec 10, 2012 10:01:55
Thanks for the explanation of Exhort, I think I understand its meaning, now :)

Regarding the above, my approach is NOT to be compatible with old incarnations of RQ, but to try to be as close to the idea of the HeroQuest2 Glorantha rules as possible.
MichaelLewis said Dec 11, 2012 00:13:23
I would be very interested in this information. I'm planning on running a Glorantha campaign based in Sartar and I'm looking for another system other than HQ2. I like the HQ2 rule system but also like a bit more crunch in my game. That's the reason I bought RQ6.

What is your all's view on the way pooled magic points are recovered? HQ2 doesn't use pooled magic points. Every skill in HQ is just a number you roll against.

WoeRie said Dec 11, 2012 07:19:32
HQ2 doesn't use Magic Points at all, as HQ2 does not use skills and other mechanics. I like the pooled Magic points and I think they are closer to the idea of Glorantha than the dedicated power (of MQ1+2) or the buy spells for power from RQ2/RQ3. I would let them recover as described in the RQ6 rules book. At a shrine or a holy place of the god.

Again, the only thing I would change is to specify Exhort for a Rune instead of a God.
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