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Combining strength

posted Dec 18, 2012 22:49:09 by Antalon
I'm trying to decide how to handle a group of people attempting to lever a 500kg boulder.

The usual rules for cooperation get additional people to add double their crit range in the relevant skill, Brawn in this case. But, if three people were leaning on a lever, would it be appropriate to sum their Strength scores and then calculate the Size or weight that could be moved (allowing for leverage)?

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DanTrue said Dec 18, 2012 22:53:11
I would think so. Applying force to an object of a certain mass, is roughly a linear function, so doubling the strength of the mover should double the force applied on the object.

So yeah, if it is a lever or some such that makes it very easy to apply strengths, simply combine them.

Brawn more represents ones ability to apply that strength, so for instance if they were trying to lift a boulder from the ground it would likely more be a matter of getting right grib, being in a proper position, lifting with legs and not arms etc. i.e. a brawn skill check.

- Dan
Antalon said Dec 18, 2012 23:05:33
I may still require a Brawn skill check, perhaps by the weakest.

Good point on difficulty. I'd maybe handle that just by limiting the number of cooperative characters and / or assigning a penalty to Brawn.
lawrence.whitaker said Dec 18, 2012 23:18:11
I agree with Dan. If you have a lever, then the lever becomes the focal point for STR application. Dan's quite right in his interpretation of Brawn: its a personal application of force.
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