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Divine Magic MRQ2 -> RQ6 (and Age of Treason)

posted Dec 18, 2012 16:26:41 by RangerDan
One of the bigger changes between MRQ2 and RQ6 is the disappearance of Dedicated POW for divine spellcasters. All in all it's a nice change that fixes some of the problems of a lower magic point pool for powerful theists (ie vulnerability to spirits, or inability to cast common magic).

But I've been thinking about this change in the context of the Age of Treason setting.
As I read it, one of the main drivers for the Taskan Empire's power is that it basically openly welcomes anyone who wishes to become a citizen. This is because anyone who becomes a citizen is also automatically initiated into the imperial cult, dedicating one point of POW to fuel the emperor's apotheosis.
I really like how this one small mechanical detail adds verisimilitude to the setting.

Is there any little mechanical detail that could be added to do the same that fits within the framework of RQ6 rules? Maybe I'm just overthinking it and should keep the dedicated POW to the emperor as the price of being a citizen. Any thoughts?

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DanTrue said Dec 18, 2012 17:12:58
Well, the cult could have a trait that drains one POW from all members as long as they're members? It would be an automatic effect of the initiation ritual, and be removed if cult membership was ever revoked.

- Dan
jjwdrake said Dec 18, 2012 17:22:37
Good spot - and you are quite right it's a key point in the setting. The solution is fairly simple - yours actually works fine and has much the same effect, but as I am writing now I am integrating to the RQ mechanics a bit more: certain types of devotion do not allow the devotee to regain the Magic Points dedicated unless they relinquish the connection to the deity (or demon) in doing so.

This exists alongside and sometimes within the same cult as the RAW devotional pool mechanic. So citizens of a korantine city-state also have to give up a MP upon gaining citizenship, in order to 'create' the city goddess - who is an aspect of Orayna, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Nations made up of the MP dedications of the citizenry. They do this as lay members and those with higher rank can maintain a standard rechargable pool to fuel Miracles.
bluefenix42 said Dec 18, 2012 19:04:25
Remember that MP spent to cast a spell cannot recover until the spell expires. You could think of it this way: part of the initiation ceremony requires casting a simple 1-point spell that has unlimited duration and adds to the power of the Emperor. Thus, you've effectively permanently reduced your max MP by 1, but don't have to worry about your actual POW score being lower.
Antalon said Dec 18, 2012 22:45:03
That's a useful tip.

It would be great to see a brief conversion guide for Age of Treason...hint, hint...
RangerDan said Dec 19, 2012 11:12:24
Thanks for the replies :)

Dedicated POW and Dedicated MP are pretty much synonymous, so I think I will call it dedicated MP and go with that. In-game I will explain it as the 'permanent spell' thing bluefenix, it's a nice touch.
From the sounds of it mssr. Drake will go with something along those lines for the Korantines (very much looking forward to Shores of Korantia btw).

As for a brief conversion guide... I'm finding its pretty much 99% compatible already and I'm just sprinkling some things on top as needed (like adding Combat Style traits)... though I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone form making one :)
jjwdrake said Dec 19, 2012 12:40:09
bluefenix's suggestion is a good one - I'll think on that.

For a conversion guide - I don't think conversion is a hard job, but am in process of taking some players through it, if anything comes up that requires real explanation I'll post the advice
Antalon said Dec 19, 2012 16:39:47
RangerDan, how have you handled the SOC characteristics from AoT?

I can see how capping skills works as set out in AoT (with limits to max skill levels unless you are naturally gifted or blessed)?

Also, what about spirits? The bit that was different in AoT was physical manifestation? Are the AoT guidance under MRQII applicable to RQ6 Animism?

RangerDan said Dec 20, 2012 13:08:53
Antalon, hmm in thinking about answers to your question it seems I have been applying Rule 0 a lot...

My goal was always to try to use RQ6 'out of the box' as much as possible, and use mostly the AoT setting. This is because I like to keep player-facing bits simple and easy to reference from one book (RQ6 book). So:

* All skills are out of RQ6, finding RQ6 versions of the AoT skills where needed.
* Skills caps at [base]*5 are in place (not in the RQ6 book but easy to remember). I allow players to permanently increase stats through spend of Improvement Rolls. Note that using only RQ6 skills means that SOC is not actually capping any skills. I did not use Talent/Genius for increasing base chances.
* SOC is general social standing and wealth. SOC*5 is treated similar to a Passon in that it can 'help' or 'replace' other skills where relevant.

As for Animism, it has not played a significant role yet (no Animist PCs), but as I recall the AoT version did away with the Discorporate skill (pulling souls into the spirit world), rather allowing spirits to form in the material world and initiate spirit combat there. I think the AoT spirit changes could be used for RQ6 as well, though I admit I don't recall the details.

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