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Readers for the PDFs?

posted Dec 18, 2012 11:47:12 by DanTrue

Since the world seems to be changing around me, I must bite the dust and get something better than my desktop to read PDFs on, especially since I now have a whole bunch of Runequest-related PDFs lying around, begging for a print & bind job that I can afford for them all (or have the space for).

So, what do you guys use out there? My girlfriends Sony reader showed the RQ6 Core rulebook pretty well, though I would prefer a few inches larger screen. I would prefer an e-ink reader, both for price and for readability - also, I really don't need a tablet.

I realise this may belong on a tech forum, but all I can see about pdf reading are for people reading articles, newspapers or books, this seemed more appropriate, since RPG books tend to have a certain mass of weird images, maps etc. which may not translate as well to all devices.

Hope someone has some experiences to share :)

- Dan
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Chris said Dec 19, 2012 18:53:16
Interesting, thanks Vaughan, I'll take a looksie
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