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Disease and Cure Malady miracle

posted Dec 29, 2012 18:51:28 by nclarke1953
I'm looking at setting up some Chaos Hybrids for an upcoming game, and on pondering how the characters will deal with them and the spectrum of possible diseases they carry I note that there is a slight disconnect between the Chaos Hybrid Disease chart p342 and the section on diseases p112-116. The Chaos Hybrid chart doesn't have the stats listed as laid out for the diseases on p112 etc. I presume that the method of contagion is Proximity [(i.e.,]. There is no 'Onset Time' given for these diseases and no Antidote/Cure beyond mention of the Cure Malady miracle for non magical diseases. The CM miracle mentions it has the ability to deal with some magical diseases. However it does not, anywhere I can find, describe which diseases are magical and which mundane.

Are Chaos Hybrid diseases magical or mundane?

BTW the wretch in the gagging cough description should be retch as I don't see a poor downtrodden peasant entering into the situation.
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bluefenix42 said Dec 29, 2012 19:25:31
Proximity is correct based on the description in the Chaos Hybrid's flavor text. Potency is stated to be equal to the Chaos Hybrid's endurance score.

As for the other details, I would say that's simply up to the GM to decide. The table appears intended as "Here are some common diseases you COULD encounter, to inspire the GM" as opposed to "This IS the rule for the diseases, these are the ONLY diseases, etc. etc." as you might expect from some other game systems.

Make a judgement call. One thing the authors of RQ6 have mentioned over and over is that they leave out certain details on purpose so that GMs can decide what is appropriate for their campaign and setting. For example, if the disease table had listed a cure as "Drink a cup of elvish tea brewed with athelas leaves," that's great if you're playing in a Middle-Earth setting where athelas and elves exist, but kind of sucks for any players in a Mythic Greece setting where those things don't exist. This also helps prevent meta-gaming where players know what the cure is because they read the monster entry, instead of making appropriate Lore rolls.
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