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Sorcery RG6 and AiG

posted Dec 30, 2012 13:16:07 by ChristophL├╝hr
Hi there LoZ and Pete,

I read that you have to tweak Sorcery for Gloranthy to et the right feeling for it.

I have a small question about that:

What do you think, when I stard a campaign with the RQ6 rules, how difficult will is be to change later to the Glorantha-Sorcery ? Will it eb possible to play with the same characters ?
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lawrence.whitaker said Dec 31, 2012 13:50:40
Its impossible to answer this question at the moment, Christoph.

I'd like to say that you will be able to use the existing characters, but until we work out the details I don't know how big the changes will be.
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