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Summoning a spirit

posted Jan 04, 2013 11:03:03 by David Gran_Orco
1) In page 208 you can read "To call upon the spirit the animist uses his
to make contact in the Spirit World (though he need not enter it) and send out a summons using his Binding skill. If the spirit is
within range
, then it rushes to the animist’s aid."

So, if I want to call for a spirit, should I roll Trance (1 hour for spirit worshippers) and then Binding, or only the second skill? (+1D6 rounds or minutes waiting the spirit)
Which is the "range" that can hear the spirit? (I can see only something about this in page 199, where it says that a shaman can detect the presence of spirits within his pow metres).

2) If a shaman want to bind a spirit in a fetish, almost ever he should win in a spirit combat, but in this case the spirit should end with 0 mp. As the spirit bound cannot regenerate mp, it is even more sensible to hostile attacks. Am I right? How could a shaman store a bound spirit with mp?

3) Do spirits have tenacity points, like any other character?

4) If a spirit cast magic and loses mp, is he losing HP, too?
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PeteNash said Jan 04, 2013 13:35:56
1) Roll both. Range of spirit contact is equal the the Binding skill in kilometres.

2) See Rejuvenating Spirits p218.

3) Up to you.

4) Yes.
nclarke1953 said Jan 04, 2013 15:45:32
I'm going to piggy-back on this thread as I can't seem to start a thread on the forums. I have in the past but in the last week or so It won't work.

Spirits and Visibility
I'm working up a RQ6 version of the Tomb Guardian from MGP Necromantic Arts. There is nothing in RQ6 concerning vision for spirits that I can find. Do spirits have any type of Dark Sight or Night Sight?

How is the Spirit plane lit? Permanently twilight, same as the Normal plane, something else?

DanTrue said Jan 04, 2013 17:01:43
How is the Spirit plane lit? Permanently twilight, same as the Normal plane, something else?

Depends on setting. In LOTR it is almost indistinguishable from the real world, albeit with a greyish hue. In the Bartimaeus Sequence it is a completely immaterial realm with no dimensions and/or coherency or time.

In some settings it may be an extravagant version of the real world - with inhabitants and kilometer-high mountains. In others everything might be symbolic and with no real spacial dimensions other than passing "scenes" or "events".

- Dan
RangerDan said Jan 04, 2013 17:16:35
Regarding the vision of spirits, I guess that depends on your setting.
My personal take on it is that spirits can't really 'see' as living things, but can always 'see' the Spirit Plane, even if they exist in the Material Plane (consider it a 'Trance' skill that always succeeds). As the Material Plane is always somehow 'reflected' in the Spirit Plane, spirits can generally see what's going on regardless of darkness. Whatever distortions/exaggerations the Spirit Plane applies on the real world also affect the spirit's 'vision', which could be used to elude or trick a spirit.
David Gran_Orco said Jan 04, 2013 17:37:48
So if I need to call for a spirit with my example, should I spend 1 hour for the Trance and wait for its arrival?

2) See Rejuvenating Spirits p218.

I do not know how could I forget this :)
One more thing. Is there any rule about donating mp, such as 1mp/hour, for example? Or can I donate several mp at once?

Thank you for your help.
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PeteNash said Jan 04, 2013 19:08:13
"So if I need to call for a spirit with my example, should I spend 1 hour for the Trance and wait for its arrival?"

It depends on your rank. So yes, for a Spirit Worshipper it would take 1 hour. For a Shaman it is 1 Minute and so on.

There is no rule about how long it takes to donate Magic Points. Set a rate which seems appropriate to the magic level of the campaign world. 1MP/hour seems fine to me.
Afon y Bydysawd said Jan 05, 2013 08:52:01
"How is the spirit world lit?" Kind of reminds me of how many angels fit on a pinhead. I would say that the premise doesn’t really apply.

The way I think about it, Spirits don’t have photonic receptors (eyes), so they’re not processing light. Somehow the spirit absorbs information through transference of energy (or something). A tree spirit can "see" just as well as an ancestor spirit. In the spirit world, "seeing" or "distance" or "time" are just metaphors so that us on the physical plane can try to make some sense out of it. And as everything you perceive is a metaphor, it leaves the dreaming mind to come up with all sorts of weird justifications or explanations for what it perceives.

If you’re more thinking about some kind of projection into another dimension/reality, well, then the physics of that reality are up to you.
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