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About the Star Wars/RQ rules

posted Jan 05, 2013 16:36:35 by dana.h.myers
Hello all,

I am thinking of running an RQ/Star Wars game (with the rules supplement from Design Mechanism) set during the Old Republic era, to discover the ancient mysteries of the early force users and the precursors to the Jedi order, including other previous empires that did not have the Jedi/Sith divide, like the ancient Rakata Infinite Empire.

Unfortunately, I have discovered I am not a game designer, nor really a rules-y type guy. I could use any and all suggestions, house rules, advise, warnings, etc.

How would you model Sith Sorcery and Sith Alchemy? How would you incorporate passions and a light/dark allegiance system (in the vein of Elric’s Law/Chaos) into the force?

An bit of background on why: I recently played a bit of the new Star Wars Old Republic video game and became enamored with the history of the ancient Jedi and Sith, holocrons, force rituals, ancient mysteries, etc. I also like how there is a sliding scale of light and dark. So I have been trying to find a way to incorporate using the passions system to influence dark force abilities and introduce a sliding alliance type scale for the dark/light divide. Also how to implement rituals and artifice, such as Sith Sorcery, Sith Alchemy, creation of holocrons, etc.

So that is my spiel, help me Obi-Wan Forumites, you are my only hope. Thank you for reading!

~ Gloomshark
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