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Taming animals?

posted Jan 08, 2013 07:53:09 by bluefenix42
My players have just captured a pair of adult dweomercats (magic-eating tigers, basically) and their two kittens. The adults are likely untameable, but the kittens could probably be trained to at least not try to eat humans, and maybe more (an even more fantastical Sigfried and Roy show may ensue). The adults were beaten up, then tied up, while the kittens were subdued with pulled punches, grapples, and the Compel Surrender special effect.

What skills would be appropriate for taming and rearing such a beast? There's no Handle Animal skill in Runequest, though one career references "Craft (Animal Husbandry)". It doesn't really make sense to me as a Craft skill, though, since you're not making anything.

I do have one player who already has a trained monkey pet. I allowed him to take "Train (Monkey)" as a professional skill, and roll it to teach his monkey tricks. Should I maybe just make that skill more generic and call it "Train Animal", perhaps?

This may all be moot, of course, depending on how things go. The players are bringing the dweomercats back to a rather large city, so I suspect they will likely end up in some nobleman's menagerie or passed off to a nature-loving cult, if the players can find the right contacts. Such exotic animals will likely fetch a high price, either to be kept alive in cages or for their fur and fangs.
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Skoll said Jan 08, 2013 12:46:51
In the careers in the rulebook, Animal Handler (I guess this is the one you referred to) has the skills Craft (Animal Husbandry), Lore(Specific animal) and Teach(specific animal). If you don't think Animal Husbandry should be a Craft-skill, Farmer has Lore(Animal Husbandry).

I guess the question is, how easy do you want to make this to the characters. The easiest for them would be to have one generic Teach(Animal) skill. Or you can make it more expensive by having animal specific skill; either Teach(specific animal) or for example keeping the Teach skill generic, but requiring in addition an animal-specific Lore skill. The Lore skill could be used to define the "magnitude" of the tricks the character can teach, while the Teach skill is rolled to actually teach a new trick. (For example Follow could require Lore 20%, Stay 30%, and Attack 50%...)
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