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Cult obligations

posted Jan 14, 2013 10:39:55 by Skoll
I recently started a new campaign, set in the Valley of Cradles. Some of the characters are planning to advance quite high in their cult. So far cults have provided culture and background for the characters, and they have been a source of personal power. As the characters advance, I'd like to increase the role of the cult obligations in the game. That again, I'd like to allow the characters relatively free adventuring, even on the higher cult ranks, so I don't want to bind the characters too much.

How have you played out cult obligations in your games?

I'm thinking, at least promotions in cult ranks could be played as small quests and maybe every once in a while there could be some other tasks from the cults.

In our group we have one praxian nomad (zebra tribe), the rest are Orlanthi. We have worshippers of Odayla, Humakt, Orlanth and Yinkin, all initiates at this stage.
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BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 22:23:22
Since it's your Glorantha, I would do what you feel is best for the players. As you said, make the cult advancement part of a quest they must undertake. Emphasize to them that helping each other out is necessary for the group to grow as a whole (the Orlanthi shouldn't skip out on the Praxian's quests and vice versa) and make sure that there's something for everyone in the quest (whether cult related or not).

Also mention to them that once they reach a certain level in the cult, they'll have much more to do for the cult that they may not want to do right off the cuff. ("Here, take this scroll thousands of kilometers to another Temple. Oh, you want to get paid? Oh, no, sorry, here's some rations. Go with the blessing of Issaries.")

Personally, I think having all members of a group have differing cult backgrounds makes GMing more challenging (not a bad thing), so I tend to be a bit lax on the involvement of cults when characters are lower than Acolyte level. Once they hit Acolyte, then the cult will demand more (at least in my Glorantha). YMMV.
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