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Sorting Miracles/Spells etc.

posted Jan 14, 2013 08:02:53 by ChristophL├╝hr
Hi there,

does anyone make a list which spells you would grant a PC in which Cultlevel ? Or at whick Sorvery Skills etc.

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PeteNash said Jan 14, 2013 08:23:30
There will be a whole chapter of them in the forthcoming Monster Island, but they are setting specific. I'm sure others have their own homebrew cults that they'd be happy to share.
bluefenix42 said Jan 14, 2013 18:44:11
For me, it varies from cult to cult. For example, a relatively careful and good Sorcery cult might only teach the spell Wrack to those trusted to wield dangerous magic wisely and cautiously, while an evil demon-worshiping cult might teach Wrack to every novice who walks in the door.
Afon y Bydysawd said Jan 14, 2013 21:27:20
I had a web-based program for RQII that classified spells by runes, so pick the cult's runes and a page would return what sorts of spells would likely be known. I guess that'd be out of date now, and the runes were assigned by ME so others probably wouldn't agree.

I found assigning spells to cults fun but labourious, and after three or four cults I faded. Instead, I put it on the player's shoulders to pick their cult's spells, with GM approval of course. Everyone's happy.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 22:14:09
Back in the day when I used RQ3 rules, I created a comprehensive list of all spells I could find in the AH version (obviously out of date now), and the various levels that Gloranthan cults would allow those spells.

I'm thinking of breaking it out and updating it using RQ6 rules, but it's pretty bloated at this point.
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