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Calculating elemental stats

posted Jan 15, 2013 19:48:01 by David Gran_Orco
"An elementals Action Points and Strike Rank Bonus are calculated normally". What does exactly "normally" means? An elemental does not have CHA, and I must use (INT+CHA)/2 to calculate a spirit's sr and INT+POW for its ap. I cannot understand the table stats origin on page 352.
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bluefenix42 said Jan 15, 2013 19:51:26
Strike Rank and AP are both based on DEX and INT or INS. Elementals have both of those stats because they have a physical form. I believe Elementals manifesting in the physical world use those stats, as in their Creature block, not Spirit/Animism stats.
jjwdrake said Jan 15, 2013 23:33:32
Am I going nuts or is there no movement rate listed for any of the elementals?
bluefenix42 said Jan 16, 2013 00:06:27
As far as I know, there is no movement rate stated for them. I assume a movement rate comparable to other creatures of similar size, so a 2 or 3 cubic meter elemental would have a movement speed of about 6m, similar to most humanoids. Larger ones would move faster.
RangerDan said Jan 16, 2013 13:49:03
Yeah there doesn't seem to be a movement rate.
I see the sense in using a movement rate based on size for humanoid-style 'walking', 4m for the halfling-sized 1m3, 6m for 2-3 m3, and larger strides of 10m for real giant-sized elementals.

Some other random ideas related to above that come to mind:
* Sylphs are weightless and can walk/float on air at their normal walking rate. If it is beneficial to do so, they can ride existing winds for greater speed.
* Salamanders are also essentially weightless, but must always exist between earth and sky, as the Fire rune exists between Air and Earth. As such, Salamanders can automatically climb any surface at their normal movement rate, but cannot actually fly.
* Gnomes walk in the manner of humanoids, but can also effortlessly travel through earth, sand or rock (including walls) at a move rate of 4m.
* Undines can walk in the manner of humanoids, but will seep through any gaps as water does. Undines in water can swim at a move rate of 8m. If it is beneficial to do so, they can ride existing currents for greater speed.
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