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Excel sheet for quick character creation

posted Jan 16, 2013 18:12:04 by BrianP
Here's an excel file I created for quick human characters in RQ6 (bottom). There are various tabs, the first is an auto-roll for Characteristics, the second allows you to add your own, and the final ones are auto-rolled for a variety of backgrounds (Primitive, Civilized, etc.). The latter is not fully filled out, but it's a preliminary start.

Any feedback is very welcome, and please feel free to use it for your own NPCs or character creation.

RQ6 Character Sheet v1

RQ6 Creature Character Sheet v1 - This uses a macro button to recalculate the Characteristics.

EDIT: RQ6 Character Sheet v1 with Reroll button. This will require you to allow macros, but I assure you I've not put anything bad in the file. :)
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bluefenix42 said Jan 16, 2013 19:43:32
Looks like a good start on a cool idea! Is there a way to trigger it to re-roll the stats without closing and re-opening the file?

Also, it looks like the HP isn't being calculated right sometimes - I've seen it give a character 0 HP for their head.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 20:08:58
If you press F9, you can "re-roll" the Characteristics. I'm sure there's a more cool way to do it, but I'm not sure how. :)

Re: HP: In the "Human Manual" tab, I tried entering 1 CON & 1 SIZ, but still came up with at least 1 for the Head HP. Can you tell me what Characteristics you have that come up with a 0 HP?
bluefenix42 said Jan 16, 2013 20:18:19
Con 10, Siz 12, on the random roll human tab.

I may not be the best person to test this though - I realized I'm using Open Office, not Microsoft Excel to open it. The F9 thing doesn't work for me, probably because Open Office doesn't have exactly the same shortcut keys.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 20:19:40
I believe Ctrl+Shift+F9 should work in Open Office.

Rechecking my calculations for HP. Thanks!
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 20:26:32
Added a separate file with a button to "re-roll" characteristics to the original post.

I'm not sure why, but it appears that Open Office interferes with some of the calculations.
bluefenix42 said Jan 16, 2013 20:33:20
Ok, cool.

One thing you might try is having it only calculate the value for one hit location (such as chest) directly, then infer all the other hit locations from there. Chest is equal to 2 + Ceiling((CON+SIZ)/5), head is Chest - 2, abdomen is Chest - 1, etc. The only oddity is that at extremely low values of CON+SIZ, Arm gets rounded up to 1 instead of the 0 that would otherwise be calculated.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 20:42:01
Thanks bluefenix, that's very helpful. I could easily change those equations to include that alternative. So if I'm reading you right, each arm would be Chest - 3, with the exception of the lowest equation, where it's rounded up to 1?

In the RQ6 book, the lowest limit for any point would be 1 from what I remember. I'm not sure why it's coming up with 0 for you, as I don't have that equation in my cells at all. :/ Normally it just comes up with ERROR for me if the number doesn't fit in the equations given.
bluefenix42 said Jan 16, 2013 20:45:28
This is the formula I see for Head hp in your document:


And yes, arm is Chest - 3 except at the lowest end of the table (CON+SIZ of 5 or less, which actually shouldn't be possible for a human normally anyway, because rolling 3d6 guarantees 3 in each stat minimum, giving CON+SIZ = 6 minimum).
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 21:01:58
Hmm, OK, the full formula for Head should be:


I'm trying to keep a generic format as much as possible, as I'd like to incorporate other species into the table as well (Mostali, Durulz, etc.) later on.

Try it now - I just updated the formulas in every sheet, including the macro-enabled one.
BruceMason said Jan 16, 2013 21:38:58
There are easier ways. Excel has a function for divide by X and round up though I forget its name. The formula would be then
Head = mysteryfunctionname(CON+SIZ,5)
Chest would be Head+2
Arm would be max(1, head-1) and so on

A generic way of writing it is.
HP = mysteryfunctioname(CON+SIZ,5)

Then for humans
Leg = HP
Arm = max(1, HP-1)
Chest = HP+2
and so on.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 21:50:33
Hi Bruce, I believe you're thinking of the CEILING formula which bluefenix mentioned above (, but correct me if I'm wrong.

What I entered for the formula for chest was =2+(CEILING((CON+SIZ)/5,1)) but the lowest number for a human (3) came back with a 4 for chest, so my formula's not correct.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 22:09:44
OK, I spent more time on it and the file should be updated with the CEILING function working correctly for area HP. It does not work for total HP (SIZ + CON) less than 6 though and comes back with 0 for the arms...
PeteNash said Jan 16, 2013 22:48:41
That doesn't matter since the minimum SIZ+CON for a human is 8+3 = 11.
BrianP said Jan 16, 2013 22:49:57
Right, but just in case there's a creature out there with <3 for SIZ or CON, I'd love to keep the formula as close to the table in RQ6 as possible. ;)

EDIT: as I would like to use the spreadsheet to help create quick non-human NPCs or player characters (and even creatures) eventually.
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BruceMason said Jan 17, 2013 07:36:24
Brian, you can sort out the arms problem by using max
max(1, ceiling((CON+SIZ),5)-1) will work.
That way if ceiling() returns 0 then max will set the value to 1.
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