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Iqari Special skills

posted Jan 18, 2013 19:04:26 by BrianP
The two special skills listed for Iqari are "Fly" and "Paralyzing Screech" (p. 366).

What would be the Characteristics to figure these for Iqari PCs and NPCs?
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bluefenix42 said Jan 18, 2013 19:22:50
I'm away from book at the moment. Are you SURE those are skills that should have a percentage value, and not simply creature special abilities (akin to Engulfing, Formidable Natural Weapons, etc.)?

If those are indeed skills, I'd say Fly should be the same as Athletics, or perhaps Acrobatics, and Paralyzing Screech sounds like maybe POW+CHA.
PeteNash said Jan 18, 2013 19:26:13
Screech - INT+CHA
BrianP said Jan 19, 2013 00:32:29
Thanks Pete. Just re-checked the book, and those are listed as Skills, bluefenix.
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