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No countermagic in Folk magic makes magnitude less necessary in Sorcery

posted Jan 18, 2013 02:25:20 by NeyahPeterson
I wonder if this is an inadvertent buff to Sorcery?

In MRQ2/Legend, a sorcerer had to consider spending manipulation (shaping) points on increasing magnitude in order to make the spell sturdier. Especially in the high-magic environment of Glorantha, you had to assume you'd run across opponents with countermagic or at some point. Similarly, enemies with Sorcery would need to contend with the same decision.

Under RQ6 rules, it seems far less likely that you'll encounter someone who is able to counteract your spells. I wouldn't expect that all grimoires contain neutralize magic or spell resistance, or that all cults have access to dismiss magic or absorption, or that all animists have a guardian spirit. So it feels like a sorcerer has far less of a reason to worry about magnitude.
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RangerDan said Jan 18, 2013 10:41:54
Good point, I think you may be right.

A Folk Magician cannot dispel Sorcery now and, conversely, a Sorcerer is generally outmatched by Theists on the Magnitutde front regardless of how much Magnitutde he Shapes so it may not be worthwhile to put in the extra magic point.

As for whether this constitutes a 'buff' it's hard to say. In and of itself, yes, but many Sorcery 'attack' spells are less powerful (Smother and Wrack are both less deadly, Tap works a little differently), which may balance it out. Of course there's far more to Sorcery than simply blasting the other guy.

Interestingly, a Sorceror's ability to block magic through Neutralize Magic or Spell Resistance has also been reduced - in MRQ2 these were based on Intensity (Grimoire/10), which was a 'free' effect. Now a Sorceror has to use 1 MP and Shaping points for effective magical defenses. If anything, it's now powerful Theists who are completely unstoppable.

If you are concerned about this, I would suggest altering the Avert Folk Magic spell by simply removing the reference to "Folk Magic" in the spell description. Now you have a Magnitutde 1 dispel, sufficient to cancel out baseline Sorcery.

jjwdrake said Jan 19, 2013 00:35:33
I think Primeval's suggestion is a good one - Avert essentially stops all base level magic - although I appreciate this will be a little setting dependent. On personal experience the desire to deploy active and offensive magic is always greater than the desire to tool up with defensive/passive magic - to the extent that when working on balancing I always look at the capabilities of a sorcerer when no magnitude is applied because in actual play situations it is unusual to bother with boosting magnitude. Having Avert work on any non-divine magic that is not specifically manipulated to prevent dispelling is one way to encourage or enforce the use of the Magnitude manipulation.
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