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What old (RQ2-3) spell would be analogous to RQ6's "Pierce" spell?

posted Feb 06, 2013 15:37:29 by BrianP
Pretty much the title.
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Skoll said Feb 08, 2013 08:29:51

I don't think there was anything quite like Pierce in RQ2/3. So the closest thing must be Bladesharp.

May I ask why are you asking this?
BrianP said Feb 08, 2013 15:36:54
Thanks Skoll - I couldn't find anything either that was the same.

I'm just trying to update my spell list (which is in RQ3 format), and am trying to stick close to the ruleset of RQ6, since that's what my players and I are using. :)
lawrence.whitaker said Feb 08, 2013 17:41:51
No, there's nothing from earlier editions that approximate it, save for Bladesharp.
BrianP said Feb 08, 2013 18:26:27
Thanks Loz!
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