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posted Feb 12, 2013 00:03:08 by thomas5251212
Just to demonstrate I'm not totally negative here, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Lawrence and Pete for the job they did on RQ6.

I wasn't particularly interested in it. I'd been part of the early MRQ playtest and to describe I and my group as underwhelmed is, well, an understatement. When the book came out I looked through it and gave a massive "meh". I'd always planned to give MRQ2 (RQ5?) a look, because most of the things Lawrence talked about doing seemed steps in the right direction. But I never got around to it, and since I wasn't doing a fantasy game any time soon there was little reason, really.

Then Steve Perrin loaned me his copy of RQ6 for a month, and sometime along the way of dipping into it at odd moments, I was sold. Most of the most annoying things had been either fixed or mitigated, and they'd managed to sell me on some things I didn't really like (locational hit points only for example). I started thinking about a campaign to use it even though I probably won't have a time slot for it for a year or maybe more.

This is no small thing. As probably people can tell, I'm kind of a picky old bastard, and many of the MRQ design decisions had really and seriously put me off. But you gents did it.

A tip of the hat from me.
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DanTrue said Feb 12, 2013 08:44:24
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