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sorcery: animate stone, enchant and haste

posted Feb 24, 2013 09:54:32 by AnthonyClaes
hi all
i have 2 questions
as a sorcerer i was powerfull with my palsy spell. but now that the enemies have gone tougher sometimes, it has no use anymore. and i only can cast haste to buff my team.

so question 1: is it possible to get rocks or small pillars of stone. work some iron on them to create a big ass shuriken (but like 5 or so to swirl them arround to do damage) or just some spears i can use to fly at (i'm mor fond of the shurikens :D) and is it possible to haste the rocks. haste says that it increases the movement of an animate object, animate stone animates stone (duh) so can i combine those spells to buff my movement of my shurikens?

question 2: lets say want to build a big ass golem. animate stone + enchant + haste it. how does it work? you can always enchant things but how does an enchanted concentration spell work? do i have to use my actions to command it? or can it move on its own stil doing what i want but i order him on a free action (free action: say some words so kill him would work)

cheers a newbie :)
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AmazingOnionMan said Feb 24, 2013 11:59:29
I can't see the Palsy-spell being useless. Unless you're facing perversely powerful enemys(or not of flesh and bone), it should be a very useful weapon in your arsenal.

A for question 1.. Big-ass shuriken are generally not good weapons. Try gluing knives on a discus and see. Spears(or roman darts) would fare better as heavy-duty thrown weapons.
You might get a better result if you can shape them as well.
And you can haste them(an animate item - an item in motion), although I'm not sure if it would add any benefit. Perhaps making them more difficult to defend against.
Of course, nothing is stopping you from animating, and attacking with, a spear from three miles away(if you can pull off that trick)

q2. I'd say that you can enchant a golem with animate(even if the rules for some reason advice against it). You'd still have to command it, unless it is controlled by a spirit or something else. I'd say that commanding a golem in this way costs an action point(you're excerting your will upon it).
You can hasten it as well, making it move faster.

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AmazingOnionMan said Feb 24, 2013 12:05:54
Alternatively, african throwing knives:

AnthonyClaes said Feb 24, 2013 12:23:38
well against normal flesh and bone humans its allright. but we have to go against marble falanx or red mask assasins not that much :) its good when we face a horde of bandits 8-10 strong, but when we face a wyvern rider or so their endurance is to damn high :)

well i won't be throwing them more of a fast swirling arround and on an opponent. and yeah the spear thingy would be good. and the haste would be the create more kinetic energy to have more damage :)

the golem, yeah that would be my thought :)

thanks :)
DanTrue said Feb 24, 2013 12:48:11
Wow, that seems like a high powered campaign. Good luck :p

- Dan
AnthonyClaes said Feb 24, 2013 13:23:42
well we have a berserker that can dish outa max of 24 damage. a talastarian holpite that has a hoplite shield tons of hp and 6 armour overal and 7 on the head. an archer that can do some damage and has a 2h sword. an assasin that is the ancestor of the zola fell ingili clan. and me. a sorcerer that needs some extra punch :)
i have haste, palsy, holdfast, spirit resistance and animate stone. invocation 83, shaping 82.

so now thats why i want something to do with my animate stone :) it is the best and most versatile of my spells
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