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A RuneQuest blog

posted Feb 28, 2013 19:26:07 by DanTrue
Hi all.

For the last couple of weeks, the idea of (yet another) RuneQuest blog has been rolling around in my head. I'd try to use it to motivate me to share some of the stuff I produce for my own game (maps, conversions, monsters, GM tools etc) and to produce it in a format that will help myself use it in the future (i.e. well-ordered files rather than notes scrabbled on graph paper).

Another reason is that I would like at some point to try to get published... but so far I've always stopped working on adventures before they were done because the need for them got removed (the campaign took another turn or never got started). So hopefully this blog can help motivate me to actually complete stuff, if nothing else then to throw it at the website.

I'm not entirely sure I'm gonna go through with it yet, but if I do. What kind of content would you like to see? Monsters, gaming aids, adventures, tables, locations?
I have the benefit of also being a software engineer, so I can easily make small programs to help with various gaming problems. Any ideas?

Soeh, what kind of content, programs, etc. would you like to see on a runequest blog? And are there so enough out there that I just shouldn't bother?

- Dan
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Dreameister said Mar 18, 2013 14:38:44
I was more thinking along the lines of name recognition and equating adventure with quest. Thinking back to it, probably should have just written it as one word to make it clearer (i.e. quests/adventures for use with RuneQuest).

But you're right, it must have a very Gloranthan sound to it - I've never roleplayed in Glorantha, though, so never really connected the term to the setting exclusively (though I find the setting quite intriguing I admit to being quite intimidated by the sheer volume of information and with limited time coming with holding two jobs, I'm at a loss where and even if I should plunge in).

DanTrue said Mar 18, 2013 20:11:56
Thanks to Dreameister for the name! I have just ordered :)

I'll be happy to take requests on what kind of stuff people want to see. So far I'm gonna add a few cults/organisations, takes on spells, maps, one or two tips for GMs on how to plan better and then I'm going to work on the requested Adventure Generator and an accompanying MacGuffin generator or something similar.

- Dan
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Jefferiot said Mar 19, 2013 06:45:47
A pirate booty generator may be of interest to me for my maritime campaign. It could serve double duty were I to use it as a wares generator for my maritime pawn shops. For example, one of my players once found at such a pawn shop a God Learner boarding plank that can calm a storm if a heroquester is sacrificed to the sea. It then summons a big fish to carry the prophet to a yonder heathen shore where the rescued sacrifice finds it very easy to influence the heathens to convert to his religion. You just never know what you may find in a maritime treasure. Or, at least I don't. That's why I need the generator. :)

A set of wandering sea monster tables with new monsters could go along way to relieve the demands on my waning imagination, as well, especially were it replete with plenty of reasons why ships have bowsprits, and not neglecting the draw on captains by sirens to rocky shores.

As regards weather generation, the spooks have had more impact on the weather in my campaign than weather randomizing die-rolls. That's why an NPC stakeholder in a cargo to be shipped has often made requirements on a crew's religiosity. This tends to vary by trade route. I was wondering whether a matrix of sea spirit affiliations by region with the various cults of Glorantha would save my NPCs the cost of a lot of divination. If you made such a matrix available, they could try it out and see if it works.

How about a whole big plug and play scenario encounter that recycles the old character sheets of certain former NPCs? My one repeating nightmare has been about a thick mist in which my favorite NPC pirate ship meets a ghost ship filled with some of the PCs that my monsters had felled previously in battle. This is just wrong, so, I thought I'd feel better if I could share my misery with my players. My revenge would be satisfied, were my players to meet such a ghost ship, but rather were it to contain the undead versions of those monsters they had felled previously, whomever didn't belong to a religion that promised an afterlife. That'll teach'em to only slay religious monsters with an afterlife. Either that, or to sing a peaceful rest song as they cut down their foes.

But seriously, anything that inspires a chain of entertaining adlibbing is a good thing. :)
"Who to be or not to be. That is the question." --Jeffspeare
Dreameister said Mar 19, 2013 20:50:48
Congrats! I look forward to seeing what you put out.

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