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Magical damage

posted Mar 03, 2013 09:00:34 by Skoll
Does Bladesharp make the weapon's damage to be magical? And if yes, is all the damage magical or only the Bladesharp-part of it? It doesn't say in the spell description, but if Bladesharp does't cause magical damage, what means to PC's have to inflict magical damage apart from offensive spells? The description of True (weapon) also doesn't say anything about magical damage, but I assume, that this spell does turn the damage into magical.
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PeteNash said Mar 03, 2013 10:03:42
"Does Bladesharp make the weapon's damage to be magical?"

Yes it does; all of it.
bluefenix42 said Mar 03, 2013 18:41:52
Pierce, Flameblade, and Firearrow are also options to enhance a weapon magically which I would allow to affect monsters like Wraiths and Elementals that only take damage from magic.

In the campaign I ran, I also allowed one player who had a sword with the spirit of an old sword master bound inside to treat the sword as magical for the purposes of attacking such creatures.

Finally, if players are really looking for an alternative, you could allow them to craft a special weapon according to some mythology, such as a sword of cold iron, or steel forged under the light of the moon or at high noon, or a spear tipped with a sprig of holly, to combat certain magical enemies.
Skoll said Mar 04, 2013 09:39:39
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