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Demonology and Summoning - feedback welcomed

posted Mar 05, 2013 20:33:37 by dreamer_prophet
Can I share this modified version of the Evoke (RQ6 p. 244) Sorcery spell with you. It's a bit more detailed than the original, so allows for more fine tuning of the result. This version is also considerably more demanding of the casters resources. I've also added a new spell, Adjure, to compel a service from the summoned entity.

To help illustrate the process I've lifted the example of a summoning from the Mongoose's 2007 Michael Moorecock's Elric of Melmibone. Please forgive the theft, but I really enjoyed the original ;)

*Evoke (Entity) Resist (Willpower)

This spell works on extra-planar entities with POW not greater than the spells Intensity*3. It breaches the boundary between the mundane world and the trans-mundane worlds, commanding the entities presence.

Example of an Evocation : Malagan and Deadwing
Malagan of Hwamgaarl is a sorcerer of Pan Tang and worshipper of Chardros the Reaper. His POW is 15 and his sorcerous skills are: Invoke: High Speech 90%, Shaping 87%. He wants to summon a demon of combat to smite a merchant who cheated him out of a particular grimoire in an auction in Gromoorva recently. He has 15 available Magic Points and 9 Shaping Points. The creatures characteristics are STR 22 CON 14, DEX 22, SIZ 13, INT 6, POW 21, and CHA 10.
Malagan takes to his basement and begins his preparations by burning incense and coating the stone floor with the symbols and runes for the summoning. He sacrifices a cockerel for good measure.

As a precaution he casts Spirit Resistance on himself. This costs 1MP and creates intensity of 9 effect, making it effective against Spirits up to Intensity 5. He intends to summon an Intensity 3 spirit so he embarks on the summoning feeling reasonably secure. Without additional shaping the effect offers 15 minutes of protection, which he feels will be ample should things go awry.

He casts Evoke Combat Demon. Malagan’s spell has an intensity of 9, so the summoning falls within the range of his ability. His Invocation test succeeds on a roll of 41. An acrid stench fills the room and the demon materialises. The Games Master decides that the demon is a mixture of fox and a skeletally-winged eagle with razor-sharp teeth.

The spell must be cast with a minimum of one magnitude for each level of Intensity of the entity. If the casting fails, no entity is reached. If the caster fumbles, then he attracts attention of a particularly unwelcome variety from a more powerful denizen of the plane. If the spell is cast successfully, the entity arrives within 1d3 combat rounds. A critical success summons a being that is so well disposed to the Sorcerer that it gladly performs a service for him without compulsion.

As an Intensity 3 entity it requires an investment of 2 shaping points to supplement Magnitude right away and one Magic Point to pay for this.

The entity will arrive in incorporeal form unless the Sorcerer provides means for it to manifest. Elementals can automatically occupy a voulme of upto SIZ 3 of elemental substance per 10% of the caster's Invocation skill. A non-elemental creature will require the expenditure of mana to enable it to manifest, unless it has the ability to break through into the mortal plane to take physical form (e.g. a Chonchon) or shifts between the two worlds (e.g. a Wraith).

In order to enable the entity to generate a form, an Evoke spell requires significant expenditure of Magic Points, in addition to those spent on the casting itself.

Demons require a minimum of one Magic Point for every 3 points of SIZ in order to form a material body. Note that as long as the demon remains in a physical state, the caster cannot recover the Magic Points used to form it.

The Evocation costs 1 MP to perform, but the SIZ 13 entity requires an additional 5 Magic Points to form a material body.
He works out that the demon will need to range about a mile from where it appears to reach its target so puts a magic point into shaping the range of the spell and puts 5 shaping points into range to allow it to travel 1500m (POW*100). Finally he spends a magic point in order to shape the spells duration. He has 2 shaping point available which he uses to extend the duration to 45 minutes (3*POW). Enough time, he calculates, to fly to his victim and butcher him.
Thus the Evocation costs 9 MP, is cast at Magnitude 3 and uses all available Shaping Points.

If the entity does not wish to be evoked, then it can attempt to resist with a Willpower test. Nevertheless, many entities, particularly demons, are eager to be called forth.

*Adjure (Entity) Autonomous, Resist (Willpower)

Like Evoke, the this spell crosses the boundaries between the mundane and trans mundane worlds.
Unlike Dominate, this spell doesn’t demand the caster’s concentration. It allows the caster to compel an evoked entity to carry out a single, finite and unambiguous task. Success indicates that instruction is understood and will be followed. The caster can overcome the entities Willpower (POW*5) by successfully opposing it with his Invoke Skill. Failure may leave the caster open to attack unless he takes steps to protect himself. One point of magnitude is required to match each degree of the entity’s intensity. The entity is freed and vanishes once duration of the spell ends or its mission completed. As a rule of thumb, the command should not have more words in it than the entity has points of Intelligence. For the sake of convenience assume that providing the spell is successful, that the entity will broadly understand what is expected of it. See Elric of Melnibone pp 90 to 103 for more information on summoned entities.

Malagan now has 5 Magic Points left. Deciding that he likes the look of this beast, and certain it will terrify the merchant who dared cheat him, he names it Deadwing. Wasting no further time admiring Deadwing, he Adjures it to seek Arjhan the Pernicious (who resides in the golden tower of Gromoorva’s harbour district) and tear his head off. He successfully casts the spell and deducts a MP. Further, he spends 2 MP and 2 Shaping Point extending the range and duration of the spell. Lastly he spends a final MP allowing him to invest the remaining 7 Shaping Points in Magnitude. An opposed test occurs, between Malagan’s Invoke: High Speech of 90% and Deadwing’s Persistence of 105% (POW x5). Dice are rolled; the Games Master, rolling for Deadwing rolls 31, but Malagan rolls 68. Malagan has prevailed in the contest.
With a snarl and a flurry of bushy tail and eagle feathers, Deadwing goes off to murder Arjhan the Pernicious. Malagan relaxes in his throne made of human bones and pours himself a goblet of yellow wine. He has 1 MP left and is feeling weary from the exertions. He awaits Deadwing’s return, hoping that the demon will bring back Arjhan’s head clutched in its maw.

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