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RQ6 Updated PDF

posted Mar 08, 2013 16:34:58 by lawrence.whitaker
With the errata and clarifications now included in the PDF of the core rules, we're very happy to offer a free update to our customers. How this works depends on where you bought your PDF and/or hard copy.

1. Direct from the Design Mechanism Store
You should have received a discount code allowing you to redeem the updated file.

2. DrivethruRPG/RPGNow
You should have received an email notification of the updated file's availability, can can download the new version via your OneBookshelf account.

3. Moon Design
I'm trying to work out a swift way of applying a discount coupon via the Moon Design store. You can wait for our official notification, but if you're in a hurry, email us at designmechanism@gmail DOT com, include your Moon Design order number, and we'll send you a 100% discount coupon to redeem here.

All future printings of RQ6 will include the errata and, of course, the errata document showing what's changed is available on the Downloads page.

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