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Current combat style percentage?

posted Mar 10, 2013 21:51:10 by dionwriting
Hullo, I'm a newbie of RQ. Its combat system is outstanding and a ton of fun! 'So many things you can do!
What page of the RQ6 book tells you how to determine current (not base) combat style percentage?
Are all current combat style percentages just STR+DEX (in other words, the same as base), and stay like that for-ever?
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AmazingOnionMan said Mar 10, 2013 22:00:19
All combat styles start at STR+DEX.
If you haven't put any skillpoints or experience rolls into them, they stay at that level.

You can however substitute weapons in your current Combat Style, allowing you to use a larger variety of weapons more effectively (if you're skilled with Axe and Shield, you can wield a mace instead with only a Hard skill-penalty).
The rules (or rather guidelines) for this are in the first few pages of the Combat-chapter.

Is that an answer? I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your question, sorry.

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lawrence.whitaker said Mar 10, 2013 22:28:46
Each cultural background allows you to allocate some of your Cultural Skill Points to a Combat Style: see page 20. Then, certain careers allow you more points to put into the style(pages 39 and 40). Finally, Free Skill Points allow you to allocate points as you wish, offering a third opportunity.

Otherwise, a Style remains at its base of STR+DEX until you decide to improve it with Experience Rolls. And this may be absolutely fine if your character type isn't a trained or frequent fighter. But you do have several different opportunities for improving a Combat Style's base score.
AmazingOnionMan said Mar 10, 2013 22:29:28
Also, unless you pick up a very special weapon, your Combat Style will seldom be penalized further than Formidable according to RAW.
As a personal rule, I don't penalize Combat Styles above Formidable for picking up an unfamiliar weapon.

I'm contemplating letting PC's start a new Combat Style at that base( main CS/2) instead of core STR+DEX.
Because that makes sense ( with footwork being half the job and all that).
That raises some issues with wasted points during character generation, though.

EDIT: and it seems I've misunderstood and overcomplicated a simple question. Sorry:-)
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dionwriting said Mar 10, 2013 22:37:07
Thanks, Amazing Onion Man and Lawrence! That clears things up for me a lot. (I remember somewhere in the book it referred to "current" combat style, but when I went back to read about it in the character creation part there was only "STR+DEX").
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