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flail, ball and chain flexibilty

posted Mar 10, 2013 12:46:00 by jussit.mesiainen

I was building up new combat styles and was thinking about the usefulnes of chain or flexible weapons of smaller stature. Most one handed flexible weapons have size M. Flexibility trait gives them benefit, if opponent is using shield, making shields size one category smaller for parrying. There is only one shield in list, which is size M, buckler. So, character using chain, flail, or ball & chain would so have any benefit only if opponent is using buckler, making it's size S. At that case buckler would parry only half damage.

So, is there only single item or situation, when there would be tactical benefit for using one-handed flexible weapons?

Could flexibility trait rather concern all parrying weapons than only shields?
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lawrence.whitaker said Mar 10, 2013 13:06:39
There's no reason why you couldn't allow a flexible weapon to Entangle in certain circumstances.
PeteNash said Mar 10, 2013 13:36:13
You could allow Flexible to be used against any parrying weapon and not just shields.
chryckan said Mar 10, 2013 19:52:32
Have I misunderstood the rules but I thought that if you used a flexible weapon it turned the opposing shield one size smaller so a huge shield became large, a large shield became medium and so on but that the actual size of the weapon did not matter. Therefore a medium ball and chain would count even a huge shield one size smaller.
bluefenix42 said Mar 11, 2013 01:19:39
Therefore a medium ball and chain would count even a huge shield one size smaller.

That is true, but huge reduces to large, and a large shield still parries 100% of the damage from a medium flail or ball-and-chain.
jussit.mesiainen said Mar 11, 2013 06:32:45
Thanks for the insights. For me it'll easiest just make all parrying weapons one category smaller. It brings flail's flexibility trait back on map, and gives advantages against natural weapons too. That way it's smaller damage number versus mace for example is well balanced.
DanTrue said Mar 11, 2013 09:24:17
And makes a lot of sense - it will just as easily flex around a longsword or a hammer, as it will a shield - if not easier.

- Dan
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