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combat style traits, movement rate+athletics

posted Mar 21, 2013 07:26:12 by jussit.mesiainen
I wanted to ask, if you have combat style covering weapons greta axe, recurved bow and trait skirmisher and other combat style short spear, target shield, javelin with trait intimidate, would traits be used only when using those particular weapons? For example, could skirmisher used, when throwing javelins or intimidate used with great axe? Are traits meant to be style-specific or freely applicated in different situations once learned?

I couldn't find also how athletics effects movement rate. Only I found from book, was example, that 1 or two metres was icluded more to basic movement rate when running or spirinting, depending on profiency on athletics. Is there somewhere more information how, how much and with what values athletics effect to movement rate?
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PeteNash said Mar 21, 2013 08:15:03
Traits are intended to be combat style specific.See the sidebar on page 134.

Athletics only affects Movement Rate when running or sprinting as explained under the Athletics skill description on page 58 and Movement on page 105-106. This reflects real life, since Olympic sprinters still have the same base walking speed as everyone else.

Hope that clarifies things for you.
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jussit.mesiainen said Mar 21, 2013 15:05:05
Oh, yes, there it stands. Every 25% gives one metre to spirinting speed, Thanks! Clarifies perfectly.
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