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CON material?

posted Mar 25, 2013 08:31:20 by DanTrue
I've been thinking of participating in some CONs here in Denmark, doing a bit of commercial for RQ6 along the way. Is there any material availible - a CON packagede or something similar - to help run an intro adventure and other activities? Pre-generated characters, an easy to run storyline over a few hours etc.?

Or will I have to make one myself along the way? I guess I could take inspiration from the GMs pack and the adventures in there.

- Dan
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nclarke1953 said Mar 25, 2013 23:29:51
I modified the adventure from MRQI with the ruined Abbey of Saint whatever and the possessed monk/abbot and ran it as a con game using Legend/MRQII. It would work just as well with RQ6. There's just the right amount of non combat action and fighting to make for an interesting 3-4 hours. I can let you have the pregens which should work with little translation for RQ6 if you like.
DanTrue said Mar 29, 2013 20:39:24
I don't know the scenario you're referencing. But I'd love to see any material you can share :-)
nclarke1953 said Apr 03, 2013 16:31:58
The adventure is basically four pages out of the MRQI book and I converted it on-the-fly to Legend. As it's copyrighted material I can't post it here.
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