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Concerning Theism

posted Mar 25, 2013 19:26:50 by Chris
Page 261: "...the current number of Magic Points in the pool cannot exceed the size of the most recent donation. Thus a theist with three Magic Points in his pool who sacri-fices a white bull (worth seven Magic Points) would raise his pool to seven points, not ten."

I think I know what it's saying, but the rule and example don't make sense to me. Is it a case of deducting the current pool's magical devotional points from the latest offering you are making, thus if there's a zero or negative amount after deduction, you get no devotional points?
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Alfonso_García said Mar 25, 2013 19:35:17
No, you replace the magic point in your pool with the amount of the sacrifice, except when the pool already is greater.

You sacrifice a white bull for 7 PM.....

If your pool have 6 PM or less...... you are now at 7 PM.
If your pool already have 7 PM or more, you don't take advantage at all of this sacrifice.

You don't add the sacrifice to the pool; only replace your current amount.
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bluefenix42 said Mar 25, 2013 19:40:05
No, there's no subtraction involved. Basically, when you donate X points to your devotional pool, you now have X in your pool, no matter how many points you had in it before. The only exceptions are if X is less than the number you already had in there (in which case your sacrifice was wasted completely) or if X is greater than your maximum devotional pool, in which case you are capped at your max as expected.

So, in the case of sacrificing a bull worth 7 points and a maximum pool of 10 points...

* If you had less than 7 points, before, you now have 7.
* If you had 7 or more points, you have gained nothing from the sacrifice.
Chris said Mar 25, 2013 19:42:59
Thanks both
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