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NPC/Creature Stat Blocks

posted Mar 31, 2013 08:42:19 by Chris
Instead of taking up a lot of time and white space, I was considering just flipping to the relevant page in the core rulebook, and looking up creature stat blocks.

Anyone do this, or have you devised your own short-hand template for critters?
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DanTrue said Mar 31, 2013 11:38:32
Not really. I use the stats in the book if they're in there' otherwise I have a word template lying around mirroring that in the book if it's a homebrew.

Back in MRQII days we experimented with short-hand stat blocks on the forums, but never found a good compromise.. so much info that if you cram it together, it becomes unreadable.

bluefenix42 said Mar 31, 2013 16:35:13
If I expect certain creatures to show up in a session I'm planning, and especially more than one type in a single battle, I'll copy the stat block out of the PDF into a Word or Open Office document (use the "snapshot of this section of the page" sort of tool rather than the "copy this text" sort of tool). I can fit about 3 creature stat blocks on one page. I just print it with the printer set to greyscale and it comes out quite nicely as a handy-dandy reference sheet.

I also print out the combat tracker page from the appendix for battles. And I made up a very simple page with 9 copies of the humanoid body locations chart to print out, so I can track armor + HP on multiple foes on a single sheet of paper.
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