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Game of Thrones

posted Apr 04, 2013 20:28:33 by josh.rasey
So currently our group is playing the Game of Thrones RPG by Green Ronin. It is a nice set of rules, but we are finding the combat a bit...lacking.

Has anyone here run a game set in Westeros using RQ6?

I would think it would be pretty easy to switch around a few items in character generation (i.e. have backgrounds for Dornes, those from Kings Landing proper etc.) and basically be done with it.

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DanTrue said Apr 04, 2013 21:35:26
I think RQ6 would lend itself very well to a Game of Thrones game :) And I think you're right, with a few background tweaks and a formulation of relevant combat styles - and you're pretty much done.

The only thing that requires more work is the magic systems, and the decision which system to use for which tradition. But, since it would not be in the spirit of GoT to have magic-wielding characters, at least not at any level higher than a young Maester trying to burn an obsidian candle...
So a long way, magic can be hand waved and left outside any bound rule system. Decisions whether to use sorcery, theism or whatever for the Red God etc. can wait.

Especially the combat will lend itself very well to the gritty feel of GoT. With a few combat style tweaks through traits, it will capture it very well.

- Dan
mixster667 said Apr 08, 2013 19:18:19
There seems to be plenty of pretty bad ass magic in Game of Thrones.

!Warning, spoilers below!:

People changing their faces, Summoning Shadow Warriors, Entering their wolf companions, Seeing past and future, Raising the dead, Creating impossible mazes, are just a few that spring to mind.
So a campaign set in GoT could easily be mimicked very well with most of the spells even being quite easy to lump into a category.
Greenseers seem to be doing animism, The faceless probably as either theism or mysticism, the red god as being some bad ass form of theism, and the non-sheep maesters as doing some sort of sorcery.
DanTrue said Apr 08, 2013 20:11:50
My point was more that these details can be left loose, as I find it more in the spirit of GoT to have these magic out of the reach of the players. They may encounter them, might learn about them and ally with them, but they will likely not be able to cast them themselves... at least not until a point in the campaign where you've already worked out all the details and spell lists, because they've encountered them as NPCs.

So, the point is, you can easily start the campaign with the backgrounds in order... leave magic until you feel like it.

Of course this is subjective. It all depends on how you wish to run your GoT game...

- Dan
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