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posted Apr 08, 2013 14:48:12 by lawrence.whitaker
I think its widely accepted that the integrated forum software is less than stellar. To this end, a few of us have been testing an alternative phpbb board with a view to replacing what we have here with something a lot, lot better.

There are a couple of caveats...

The board we're looking at is free to set-up and use. But it may mean some advertising. In my tests I haven't encountered anything obtrusive, but that might not be true for everyone.

Second, its unlikely that we can port the current content across to the new site. We're still examining how it might be possible, but I think the likely solution is that we'll run the current board in parallel with the new board, keeping it as an archive. Some manual porting of the most popular topics is probable, just to start the site with some content.

I welcome comments, feedback and ideas.
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Chris said Apr 08, 2013 19:57:52
I'd say, just add a 'General' Roleplaying forum and we're golden!

I think it will be great, I've been tinkering and found it very user friendly

Notifications on time? Sounds good to me :D
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lawrence.whitaker said Apr 08, 2013 21:26:29
It can be done very quickly - once we've satisfied ourselves the platform is stable and finished looking at porting across content.
BruceMason said Apr 09, 2013 12:04:26
a more stable, more user friendly board would be good.
Chris said Apr 09, 2013 20:03:40
Here's a glimpse of what can be done

This is not the one Design Mechanism are working on - just an example
"This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they die!"
Afon y Bydysawd said Apr 09, 2013 22:37:33
Honestly, I prefer as few sub-fora as possible. It's bothersome, for example, to have to flip through "RQ News", "RQ Releases", "RQ Rules", etc. etc. It's so much easier just to have a forum "RQ" where I can see everything RQ related. I agree that Actual Play and specific settings could get their own sub-fora.
Thalaba said Apr 09, 2013 23:30:00
I think there should be subfora - just not too many. Actually, I think the number you have here right now is just about right.

Afon, many fora allow you to see 'all unread posts' in one place, which should cater to your taste.

I don't care for the high contrast and cluttered appearance of the one linked above. The existing forum is much easier on the eye - it just lacks common features and is often inaccessible.

My favorite forum for layout and legibility (not that anyone is asking) is the one linked to in my sig - lots of white space!
DelvisWingrider said Apr 10, 2013 00:21:43
I like the link Chris has to a more standard forum look. It's all good.

This last one is also very cool.
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lawrence.whitaker said Apr 10, 2013 11:52:42
I've made the new Forum active, as you'll see from the announcement above. Please register - its a ton better than what we have here!
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